Latest Energy Decentralization With BittWatt!

What is Bittwatt?

Bittwatt is a platform that brings together all market participants and provides standard protocols for the exchange of relevant business information, while creating a decentralized service for energy supply, compilation and account balancing.

The Bittwatt platform was built to remove useless bureaucracies, synchronizing consumption figures. Bittwatt simplifies current operations, eliminating operating costs and transfer costs, all within an automated workflow framework that optimizes energy transfer on an hourly basis: it turns out that ordinary consumers become intelligent people.

Bittwatt summarizes a number of key features that allow you to gauge the needs of each brand or any location on your network. With Bittwatt, power plants, suppliers, consumers and other operators can contribute to ensuring that energy is no longer lost.

What does BittWatt get?

Bittwatt provides a fast, transparent and reliable settlement between market participants. Based on the customer profile, Bittwatt compares the demand with market supply every hour of every day.

Bittwatt uses artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to what the power system says. This allows demand and response systems to optimize supply for all parties, from power plants to savvy consumers.

Bittwatt combines general regulatory information and data between energy suppliers, network operators, and savvy consumers – is to address the wider ecosystem of software and the real world of business.

A secure multilateral framework for international energy cooperation (in production, conversion, transportation, distribution, transaction settlement under intellectual contracts and energy use).

Thanks to the energy wallet, users can use their energy storage capabilities by buying cheap and being sold at the highest price using the crypto system, exchange and trading Bitwatt.

Europe’s single cross-border filling network for electric vehicles provides smart customer identification and Bittwatt bag settlement.


The Bittwatt platform breaks bureaucratic barriers through a transparent and efficient solution that uses block technology to eliminate operational costs and transmission costs, and uses information from demand data and energy demand in real time. Bittwatt is built to transform everyday consumers into discerning consumers who know and use the information that the network can provide. This system works by analyzing intellectual contracts that connect production and consumption data with energy purses available on the network. This smart contract is the rule by which Bittwatt matches the company with the best partner, making the former energy model a thing of the past.

Crowdsale or ICO

Bittwatt Coin General Information

Name: BWT Coin
Symbol: BWT
Platform: Ethereal
Total volume of coin: 400,000,000 BWT
ICO initial price: 0.12 $

Total volume of BWT coins is 400 million tokens. They fall into six categories:

300,000,000 tokens sold during ICO

For teams, 40,000,000 tokens are provided

For advisors, 20,000,000 tokens are provided

For state advisors, 20,000,000 tokens are provided

8,000,000 tokens are provided for the bounty program

12,000,000 tokens are provided for marketing at the country level


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