LINA.REVIEW A Professional and Business Ecosystem

LINA.REVIEW A Professional and Business Ecosystem Around the World

The Lina Platform aims to create a social review platform built on trust and reputation with revolutionary blockchain technology and enables users and professionals to benefit by the quality of their reviews.
Implemented on Blockchain technology, will address issues related to transparency and inability of assessment, and develop mechanisms to help users and experts benefit from system development and quality of their reviews (via smart contracts). documentation can be found in Whitepaper)

What makes special?

The review and evaluation results are completely transparent to the user, and everyone can verify this.

Evaluations and assessments are decentralized, so they can not be forged or manipulated by any third party. presented a set of criteria applied to more than 20 areas, from technology products to medical services.

Reviewers and assistants may obtain Lina tokens based on the quality of their community-rated contributions.

Introducing hybrid approaches to architecture, connecting Ethereum (mainnet) public networks and high performance, private transactions with blockchain-based transactions.

We create a large and growing professional community around the world. We invite all to join us at
A very large population segment will be able to use the platform.
Sellers will be able to use the platform to conduct quality reviews of their products, thereby increasing their credibility. It will be enough for them to simply register in the system and place their goods or services on the right (in certain cases, they need to pay for the service)

Experts are highly qualified users in the field of review of various goods and services. You can become an expert by confirming your high qualifications or by providing a number of quality reviews. Experts will receive a significant share of advertising costs.
Regular users will be able to receive expert evaluations from various products and services using the Lina platform. Only ordinary users can ultimately become experts after making a number of high-quality reviews.
Of course, Lina will have a number of competitors:
Metacritic: A website reviewing movies and games, known as the largest ranking system of its kind in the world. Many publishers use Metacritic 12 scores to evaluate product quality, and also provide bonuses to producers. Nevertheless, he is accused of being under the influence of large companies, especially in the gaming industry.

IMDB: The world’s largest database management system for movies. It has a movie review function, but not its main function.

Rotten Tomato: The website with the highest rating for movies, with a large number of quality film professionals. However, the specialists themselves are rarely replaced, which makes it difficult to maintain a stable quality.

Yelp: a feedback system for restaurants. Service and other areas. It is oriented first of all in the American market.

TripAdvisor: Hotel review systems and travel services around the world. In addition, users can also book rooms online.

TechRadar: A system for analyzing technology products, such as phones and laptops, etc.

But the platform has many undeniable advantages:
● The result is completely transparent to the user
● Evaluation is decentralized, so it can not be faked.
● Users and Experts can obtain Lina tokens based on their deposits.
● Create specific evaluation criteria for each subject with the help of an existing team of assistants.
● Unlimited products or services.
● Users can become experts if they have many high quality reviews. The expert may lose his position if he has many low quality reviews.
● Revenue is recorded in blockchain and transparently to the public.

Lina is not just a website, it’s a Blockchain-based platform, so everyone can create their own review system for community development and manage their own business. All Lina-based display channels connect to the world.

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