Losartan Side Effects and Details

Losartan Side Effects and Details

Losartan Side Effects

Losartan Side Effects and Details

Have you ever heard losartan? Most of you, perhaps, have not heard that word yet. Losartan is the type of drugs, oral drugs, which have a function to medicate the high blood pressure, also called by hypertension. Besides that, the drug can be used to treat you kidney if you suffer diabetes and it can reduce the risk factor of stoke which is caused by high blood pressure. The dose of this drug is variant, depending on the sufferers. However, this drug also has side effect and losartan side effects can damage the body.

There is an exception regarding to losartan side effect. This kind of drug gives the powerful relief in reducing blood pressure. However this drug also needs to be avoided by some group people, including the pregnant women. The pregnant women or the women who has pregnant plan should not take this drug because the side effect of losartan can damage the unborn babies. You need to see your doctor and consult your condition before taking this medication. For people with heart failure and low blood pressure must see the doctor before concluding to take this drug.

To minimize the losartan side effects, you need to avoid the activities below. The first is drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol actually give the many bad effects including lowering the blood pressure. The low blood pressure can increase the side effects of losartan. Besides that, you need to avoid consuming supplements of potassium. Losartan actually can be taken with the other similar drugs in order to lower the blood pressure. However, losartan cannot be taken with potassium supplement because it can be fatal. You also need to keep steady when you are getting up and do not get up too quick because it can lead to dizzy.

Because of losartan side effects, this type of drug should be prescribed by doctors, including the doses. You also need to take the medication based on the doctors’ dose. Do not take too much than the doctors recommend. Losartan is also type of drug which can be taken with (out) food. In addition, losartan can be taken in combination with the other medications but it must be from doctors’ prescription. Do not try to combine it with the other medications by yourself because it can cause the serious health problem.

Common side effects of losartan

All of medications have the side effects and the effects usually can be grouped as mild to severe. The mild effects can go away in few days whereas the severe effects can lead to fatal health problems. When you experience the severe effect, you need to go to the doctors. Losartan also has the side effects which can lead to health disorder. Some of losartan side effects are presented in the following sentence. The sufferers will suffer respiratory infections, like common cold, besides that they will be getting dizziness and stuffy nose. They also feel pain in their back because of this drug effect.

Besides the side effects above, the sufferers also get diarrhea after taking this type of drug. Losartan side effect also affects the tiredness or fatigue in easy. After taking this drug, you will be getting fatigue. This drug also should be avoided by the patients with diabetes, especially low blood sugar diabetes because it can lower the blood. The sufferers will also get pain in their chest as the additional effect of this drug.

Serious losartan side effects

When you get the serious side effects of this drug, you must call the doctor. You need to see the doctor if you think that the side effects is threatening the life and need medical emergency. Some serious effects are the high levels of potassium blood. You can diagnose that you get the high potassium blood by these symptoms, like: the problems of heart rhythm, muscle weakness, and slow heart rate. Another serious side effect is getting allergy which can be known by these symptoms: swelling in the lips, tongue, throat, or face.

Besides that, the serious losartan side effect is low level of blood pressure which can identified by considering the symptoms, such as: getting dizzy and faint, and kidney disease ( this drug can worsen the kidney function). Those are all the short review of losartan with its side effects. This type of medication should be taken with the doctor prescription. If you get the further side effect, you must call the doctor to get the medical emergency.

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