MARK SPACE The next generation of Internet

MARK SPACE The next generation of Internet, on the basis of blockchain and VR

MARK.SPACE is an ecosystem that allows users around the world to communicate with each other, create new content and consume goods and services from other platform users. This project combines the most original ideas with the most advanced technologies, such as VR / AR, that is, virtual reality and additional reality, blockade and smart contracts.

The MARK.SPACE platform is an open source platform for creating 3D / VR space and objects of any destination, as well as for their rapid deployment and integration into a unique ecosystem. The platform is supported by cryptography and runs on the basis of blockade technology.
The MARK.SPACE ecosystem supports all Internet browsers and is compatible with CardBoard, Oculus and HTC Vive at the same time. A home PC or laptop is everything you need to create a modern VR store, office, community, or other space for business or entertainment.
The MARK.SPACE domestic currency is its own MARK (MRK) token. Token MRK allows all users to sell and buy space and objects of virtual reality, consume various goods and use services, pay wages to their employees and buy advertising to promote their business within the framework of the MARK.SPACE platform.
The main idea of ​​the MARK.SPACE project is to give the world an easy-to-use tool for creating and launching any VR / 3D project that can be implemented quickly and at no cost.
an industry that stands in singapore country which in fact is a very crowded city with its business and famous as Asian tiger signifies the seriousness of the project being done. After a careful analysis of economic trends and developments, Singapore was chosen as the country to register. companies, because their government regulations are very friendly to crypto-crypto.Read and understand the official website .MARK.SPACE is a virtual reality ecosystem online, supported by blockchain, which allows users to engage in social interaction and the economy, creating new content, exchanging goods and services with each other. The platform combines social networking, e-commerce, virtual reality and blockchain.
Symbol: MRX
Inventory Token: 3,000,000,000
Maximum Purchase: 10,000 MRF ETH / 3000000
Minimum Purchase: 0.001 ETH / 3 MRX
Token Price: $ 0.1
To get a free unit in this project, the minimum purchase is 1 ET.
MRK is the ERC20 token to be released on the Ethereal platform. The MRK token will be used for all transactions on the MARK.SPACES platform. You can get the MRK token in the following ways:
By selling or renting your units, or even buildings and entire neighborhoods;
– More goods and services
-With selling 3D objects you’ve created
– Requesting ads
-Making digital content.
Pre-ICO October 31, 2017 – November 17, 2017
ICO November 21, 2017 – December 21, 2017
Payment system using ETH and BTC
Cap Hard: 77 300,000 USD
Crowdsale will be discontinued because hard cap reaches 77.3 million USD, while all unsold token will be transferred to the miner rendering fund (with a maximum token of 200 million)
Tokensale Terms



Demand for virtualization of commercial projects is too difficult to implement, at present. In terms of cost creation and virtual store creation, incorporating such projects is unlikely to be questioned.
We have built a platform that allows one to create and design a commercial VR space, without needing to know the basics of 3D encoding and modeling.
The complexity of crypto mining currencies is growing rapidly, and many crypto-currencies initially use POS or plan to switch to POW. The financial welfare of miners is threatened
That means hundreds of thousands of high-end users, who need terabytes of content to create. We have created a protocol for decentralizing and storing data. Miners can download our program to do rendering. For data storage, they will accept.
Popular social communities, along with advertising revenue, are owned and operated by one company.
By being a community creator of MARK.SPACE, you can choose between “Business”, “Community”, “Shopping” and “Ruta” districts. This social community will distribute your management roles and earnings.
Many ICOs are accused of having useless evidence without real value. Therefore, their rates are always down.
The MRK token is the internal currency (utility token). All users can use it to sell real and virtual goods and services, hire employees and pay for their work, create units (and fill them with objects and content for their individualization). Miners will be paid as tokens for platform support. Unit price remains at token, with limited number of units. Unit value will always increase, Each unit can have a popular and powerful neighbor (for example, a well-known brand). All of these factors are the undeniable drivers of the token price growth.


January – May 2015
Launch the first E-commerce project on the platform (fashion E-commerce)
June 2016
Launch Alpha version for Personal, Business and Community districts
June – July 2107
Development of platform decentralization concept MARK.SPACE
August – September 2018
Study of solution implementation blockchain for MARK platform.SPACE
October 2019
WP announcement and pre-ICO
launch November Launch of ICO 2020

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WhitePaper: /MARKSPACE_WhitePaper.pdf
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