Mavro – As the network marketing boss in the crypto-currency world

First of all, Sergei Mavro is considered priceless for many people in the financial pyramid. He can not be popular in the West, but for any of Russia or Ukraine he is very well known. He was the leader of the largest pyramidal scheme in the country in the 90s

In the 90’s, it was a difficult time, the Soviet Union was getting ready, and there were many who wanted to get rich quickly.


It is the flagship of the first decentralized and transparent platform for the structure of MultiLevel Marketing, based on the block system of the etherium, its almost impossible to destroy.

In addition, this project will help ensure people’s trust in transparency. The style of the direct sales network, which is often used in this industry, often becomes dependent on the belief system. With such a dependency, a transparent platform will be the key to success.

The main idea of ​​the project is to create a decentralized global MLM system

Most financial projects cease operations because of human factors, such as greed or external factors, such as legislation issued by the state. With internal and external factors that play a role in solving the blockchain decisions that provides payment solutions, and also makes it a transparent way.

Team Mavro:

Mavro believes that thanks to a solid and reliable team and system, Mavro can provide users with a secure and powerful multi-level marketing system and provide users with many advantages and amenities that can improve their experience of using a multi-level marketing platform. Team Mavro also believes that with systematic and professional development Team Mavro can build a better platform than similar platforms.

Stepan Gennadyevich Demura – a Russian financial and stock analyst, former columnist and presenter of the RBC and Finam FM radio channel

Mass media

Roadmap 2018:

March 15 Mavro ico

April 2018 Distribution of Mavro on major flights

Q3 MAVRO protocol, wallet API, and application launch

Q4 2018 Creation of the first decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for a multi-level marketing system based on Blockchain Ethereum 

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