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What is the electronic money project GBCOIN? To better understand the project, Rich Kelvin read through the official website, according to the development team sharing information, can understand GB is a project that is attracting much attention of the community. copper.

Currently the GB system of this project will consist of several banks that will be spread out from everywhere: the European Union, Russia or even to the United States and some Chinese banks.

Not only that, the financial system is constantly being developed to meet the expectations of customers. Because of the goals set right at the beginning, it is possible to meet bank payment services in GB Coin, GBTMarkets – where each individual Business professionals will be able to increase their capital through e-commerce transactions.

In addition to creating convenience for customers, there will be a tool to support payments for payment services through GB wallet. Even if they increase their reserves for customers, there will also be a reserve fund that will be able to generate monthly returns for them.

This financial system will continuously expand in number, where the headquarters is located in a larger way. The goal of the system is to create a faithful loyalty to all customers when using.

In addition, this project is able to provide the following types of basic loans:

  • Daily consumption, car purchase, credit mortgage, below the minimum loan allowed, open the account to be able to send savings or investment, regular deposit management
  • Opportunity to own insurance
    Currency exchange through the payment system. You can easily make a payment through the GBCoin taxi service with different countries, pay for travel and receive incentives for loyal members. So you will not need to go through intermediaries to establish a structure that can facilitate all customers. Long-term strategy for GB systems: All distribution activities depend on the number of GBCoin token sales (GBCN). Partial fixed costs reserved for future system operation. The rest will be used to promote the market and expand. For this purpose, they have put forward specific actions to fulfill their obligations to the state:

    – License of the central bank.
  • License of Central European Union Bank.
  • Electronic travel license.
  • Currency conversion license.
  • License for insurance business,
  • Investment license.
  • FinCen License.
    Rpay PCI DSS license.
  • License for implementation and re-payment through MasterCard.

Sales Terms of the token code: 
All token sales processes are available through the GB project system and the smart agreement platform Ethereum and Blockchain.

Where and when did the GBCoin exchange process take place?
In the end, GBCoin was actually considered a GB electronic money system consisting of the entire financial structure, and was exchanged for a variety of currencies and sold out within three months after ICO officially completed.

Code this token will be legalized under the law according to the standards: 
– The banking system GB Grand
– Finance GB Grande
– Market GB
– Network GB
– Social Networking GB
– Trade GB
– Fund GB
– Vs. Clubhouse for GB’s luxury customers. Specific information about the token sale is as follows:  The sale of the token code will start on: 30/12/2017. Complete this sale: 01/01/2018 – 01/05/2018

Exchange rate of tokens: 0.04 ETH.
Minimum goal: $ 300,000,000.
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC.
Max goal: $ 600,000,000.
GBCoin’s token will be formally recognized as a typical financial system. Owners of the token code are only able to use the correct purpose for the purchase and payment of fees only within the GB partner system with each other. In January of the same year, they will enter the GBCO market (GBCN) on a crypto exchange platform to enable easier exchange of purchase orders in the system.

These are favorable conditions for the transaction process of customers.

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