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About the project:

A money sign is a project that aims to provide crypto loans to those who have crypto assets. With Money token, you will not need to sell your crypto-currencies in fiat currencies, because the money you need will be available to you as soon as possible.

The project will also provide a platform for the exchange of services in a decentralized network. It is known that holders who buy crypto assets at a low price should hold on to their assets in order to profit from future growth. If you spend your assets crypto ahead of schedule, you will lose on future successes.
A money token will help you get the necessary cash as a loan to avoid trading valuable crypto-currencies. You can take instantly liquid funds based on the current value of the crypto assets that you hold.
It works like this; you take out a loan that will be secured by an unstable asset such as Ethereum or Bitcoin and you get an agreed loan amount in any fiat currency of your choice. With this solution, you will be able to keep your crypto assets and still get the money you need.


I looked at the Linkedin profiles of the team members, and what I can say from their profile is that most of them have experience in the technology industry, but not in the financial sector. In addition to Jeffrey Chudi, who is the head of the finance department, the CEO and co-founder, Alex Russ and Jerome McGillivari have experience in software development.

Since this project will be based on a blockchain, I expected to see a blockchain expert among the team, but no one was invited or hired to handle the technical aspect of developing a blockchain project. It’s a little alarming, but we’ll believe in the best. Although I consider myself to be a realist, faith in the best contradicts my faith. But I do not believe in the absence of ideas, where to get a specialist. Maybe he asked not to specify it, or they did not consider it necessary. I’m sure soon everything will be clear. In general, it’s not entirely clear to me why they have so few people represented in each direction. Let’s hope that I just carp.


If you want to invest in the MoneyToken project, here is a list of some important financial data. ICO will trade from 22 March 2018 to 22 April 2018, and the token code is IMT.

1 IMT will cost 0.005 USD, and available funding sources include ETH, BTC, BCH and LTC. Hardcap was installed in the region of $ 3,000,000 to make this ICO successful, while the hardcap was $ 35,000,000.

There is a structure of bonuses to encourage investment. The sale of tokens attracts a bonus of 20%, and the pre-sale and private sale bonuses are 30% and 40% respectively.

10,120,000 tokens for sale, representing a 45% distribution in the IKO.


Overall, the project seems to have a good concept, but they still have some problems. First, securing credits with volatile crypto currency may not be a very sensible step. Secondly, they do not have an expert on blockage in the team. However, in any case, the working platform has already been developed. Therefore, this project can not be said with full confidence that he will shoot. But if all the same the idea to come true. Then all those who did not believe in going out into the world would bite their elbows. Therefore, I do not force you to join the project. But to look at it, weigh all the sides, I recommend.

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