Moonlite – provides more revenue value to all token holders

Moonlite – provides more revenue value to all token holders using the latest technology

What is Moonlite?

The MoonLite project will operate in Crypto-Currency Mining space, and is planned to start with most of which is Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH & Litecoin on an industrial scale. The operation will begin in August 2018, and aims to be in time, one of the larger global crypto mining companies.
MoonLite intends to grow into one of the world’s largest crypto currency mining organizations using exclusive low cost, sustainable, and green energy, run by the best existing team, and using customized algorithms and Artificial Intelligence installations to dramatically improve operational efficiency and autonomy. from all data centers, by implementing our “smart-mining” solution.

Moonlite Mission

MoonLite mining aims to add value to all token holders using the latest technology, launched in the most efficient manner, and run by the most appropriate team to meet and exceed all performance and growth targets.
MoonLite will embrace the younger generation, technology, fun, and aiming to be the best talent-making company available.
We embrace Blockchain Technology, and will continue to advance companies and teams in parallel.
We invite you to make history in crypto currency and mining space by investing in the creation of one of the largest and most unique mining farms in the world. The uniqueness of our mine will help us solve a number of mining issues, such as cooling, power consumption and construction of capital facilities.


Crypto-currency has evolved over the last 9 years, and has grown from a concept to a relatively stable investment for many people. Establishment and certainty of market and currency is evident.
With the release of ASIC and other high-performance mining equipment, it has been possible to mine crypto currency efficiently and profitably. This opportunity lies in the ability to generate significant profits from large-scale mining agriculture because the level of difficulty has stabilized for many currencies. Other currencies are still at a relatively low level of difficulty and it is a fantastic opportunity for new miners with appropriate sized operations.
MoonLite will dedicate ASIC and special equipment to mine:
– Bitcoin, and bitcoin derivatives
– DASH (former Dark Coin)
– Litecoin
– Ethereum, depending on profitability at the time
The Company aims to continue mining of high value, proven and stable currencies with the view of converting some of the mined currencies into fiat currencies, while maintaining crypto currency balance in order to expand and value investments.
Opportunities to profit from mining come from increased crypto-currency demand, and accessibility through dozens of platforms coupled with the ability to mine large amounts of crypto currency that can be sold to consumers and merchants.


Market capitalization for our currency will be mining:
Bitcoin: $ 252,419,830,420
Cash Bitcoin: $ 41,558,084,293
Ethereal: $ 93.405.070.461
DASH: $ 8,964,815,433
Litecoin: $ 12,743,719,310
* correct on publication date *
These numbers grow every hour and thus present an opportunity to participate in this growth market by providing processing power to the network in return for financial rewards.
The currency, once it is mined, will be broken down as described previously. The portion of the currency to be liquidated will be sold on the stock because there is an increasing supply of individuals and companies asking to buy crypto currency for trade and investment. This request is not expected to subside.
Our mining operations will not have significant market share in global mining operations; however will be the largest mining operation in South Africa, we will easily be able to expand further due to the excellent and lively nature of the operation.
MoonLite will publish MoonLite Tokens (MNL) through an audited and tested smart contract.

Simple Business Model

Revenue will be generated by:
1) Establish a data center in a location where there is an appropriate and stable energy supply at an effective rate. Data centers can be consolidated or moved to more suitable locations as the business grows. Each data center will be an independent facility with operational staff, power source, high speed fiber internet connection, server etc.
2) The equipment will be configured to mine in the most efficient way, using a combination of a common mining pool, and a special node (part of the pool) on our local network. The machine will be reconfigured for me in different pools depending on profitability and latency.
3) Each machine will be monitored and operated using special mining management software. This allows easy and effective local and remote performance monitoring, and mass adjustment of miner settings (such as stratum info). Minimum uptime of at least 90% is required from the team.
4) Performance is monitored and adjusted by the team 24 hours a day.

The main cost

The details of all operational costs are included in the graph of cash flow projection and capital distribution, but the largest cost so far is the energy costs used to run miners, systems and cooling.
Rental warehouses and staff costs represent the bulk of the cost balances.
Combined, the above costs represent about 94.3% of the total budget cost.
Operational plan
All ASIC equipment required for mining operations will be sourced directly from the manufacturer at the time of the product batch launch due to our order scale.
The order will be sent to the data center and delivered to the warehouse where the data center will be set up.
MoonLite will purchase equipment in large volumes to qualify for direct sales with manufacturing, and also take advantage of better pricing and the establishment of a good long-term relationship.
We have established good relationships with the Sales and High Management Department on our equipment suppliers, ie
• Bitmain Technologies – the largest manufacturer of mining equipment in the world
• Bit Fury – ASIC machine manufacturer with the highest Hash rate in the world
• Pin idea – Manufacturer of ASIC X11 equipment
By securing this connection provides Moonlite with:
• Delivery dates planned and confirmed, giving us operational security and knowledge that our launch plans will stay on track
• Highest support level
• Knowledge and first choice for procurement of new equipment
• Direct access and contact with all levels of the organization of each supplier
The equipment to be used will consist of the following combination of ASIC miners:
• Bit Fury B8 Mining Server – 47 TH / s
• Bitmain Antminer S9-14TH / s
• Bitmain Antminer D3-15GH / s
• Bitmain Antminer L3 + – 504MH / s
• Pinidea DR100-19GH / s
On occasions such as when a manufacturer has sold supplies, emergencies, and other immediate requirements, the equipment may be purchased from the wholesaler.
All equipment will be purchased in bitcoin, or other acceptable crypto currency.
The equipment will remain on the balance sheet of the company (free of finance costs) as a hedge against the failure of the project as most of the investment capital will be used for the purchase of mining equipment.
Currency Flow:
All mined currencies (rewards) will be paid at the specified threshold. This threshold will be set up so that gift payments are made daily, or twice a day.
These payments will be paid from the mining pool to our hot purse with multi-sig requirements for each currency. At the end of each day, or as often as necessary, the full contents of the hot wallet will be transferred to our cool wallet for secure storage.
We will have a cool wallet for each currency, and have a spare wallet in case of theft, damage or failure of the main wallet. All private keys will be stored in the safe at our bank. There will be no copies of the private key stored, printed or stored elsewhere.
Periodically, but at least 2 weeks, MoonLite will liquidate 60% of the newly mined currency into the currency of the currency. This will be used for payment of operational costs to vendors who do not accept bitcoin as a method of payment. The fiat currency balance will be invested in traditional investment and invested through our investment arm, Capitevo Investments.
20% of the mined currency will be retained, and will be fenced off for the purchase of additional equipment to expand operations
20% of the mined currency will be stored in cold wallet and considered an investment in crypto currency, and actively traded by our dedicated crypto merchant team.
From time to time, and depending on the value of operations or investments, currencies may be exchanged for other currencies. For example, replace DASH to BTC to take advantage of profitable price changes.
Certain parts of our static currency that are not used in operations or provided for liquidity and security can be invested with some crypto-protection funds to increase returns on static currency.
Equipment Replacement Policy:
As mining difficulty levels increase and manufacturers release more powerful and efficient equipment, we will replace existing equipment with new versions. Old equipment will be sold in local and international markets using online and offline methods. Upgrading of this equipment will be planned to be a cash positive (ie, no downtime) and will be done in large quantities.
The reason for the upgrade is to keep profitability ‘keep on increasing’ despite the increasing difficulty level.

Token Buyback Information

Moonlite will allocate 35% of its annual profit to buy back MNL tokens at premium rates.
We see this approach fundamentally different from most of the previous ICOs that managed to raise funds for product development but failed to provide an important return investor.
We will use the following methodology to calculate the tokens buy price:
{[(35/100) x Annual Company Profit] x [number of tokens owned / total tokens]} + Current Token Price
Simply, Moonlite will distribute to token holders who want to sell tokens on repurchase, their share equivalent to 35% of net profit after Interest, Tax, Depreciation & Amortization in addition to the current market price for their tokens.
The first buy is only offered to presale contributors only, and will be offered in closed purchase offerings. If there is any remaining distribution available after the Top Contributors return, it will be open to all other token holders via purchase orders on the public exchange.
After that, we will offer buyback transactions using the same formula to all token holders every 6 months after the financial statements and audit results have been prepared, by ordering orders on the public market.
All token holders will receive bid number notifications within 2 weeks after the release of semi-annual financial reports, and will receive weekly reminders within a 4-week period until the token buy-back session opens.
Effectively, Moonlite will place buy orders on the general market 6 weeks after the release of financial results.
The coin holders will receive their buyback in the form of BTC or ETH.


All tokens bought back will be burned immediately.
“Burning” means purchased coins will be taken from the market, with the consequence that MNL’s total supply of coins will decline. This allows the net asset value of the coins to increase over time.
This choice is a fair way for everyone, especially when done transparently.


Moonlite is entitled to ‘go public’ by offering shares in the traditional IPO. At that time, the MNL token will be redeemed for shares.
This project will be run in the country. Why We Choose Iceland?
– Iceland is very conducive to the international data center business.
– The first technologically advanced European country, which is part of the European Economic Area
– Rank 12 of 189 countries on the World Bank’s Doing Business Business Index for 2014
– IMD 2014 World Competitiveness Yearbook ranking the Icelandic IT population as the second in the world
– Free of VAT, and VAT can be claimed on all Data Center Tools
– Corporate Income Tax of 20%, with a possible ceiling
– Long-term, fixed energy prices by contract
– The World Economic Forum places the security of energy delivery in Iceland as the third best in the world
– 100% of electricity generated in Iceland is clean, and derived from hydro, geo-thermal, and wind sources
– Strong infrastructure in Iceland, secure connectivity, renewable energy supply, business environment and other key factors merge into Iceland’s position at the top of the Cushman & Wakefield Data Center Risk Index 2016
– Cooling Year Round FREE because of the cold Iceland climate
– Effectiveness of Lower Power Usage (PUE) of 1.07
– High speed, excessive fiber internet connectivity, both locally and internationally
– Iceland ranked no. 9 out of 189 countries in the World Bank are Easier to Obtain Electricity Index
– A large number of properly categorized land is available, as well as suitable facilities for data center operators, close to sub-stations, fiber internet connectivity, and airports.
Why Choose a Moonlite Project:
– Our project has the hottest talent, from senior leadership to our mining floor. We focus only on attracting the best, and those who understand that efficiency and profitability are our goals, and who are experts in their respective fields.
– The most relevant and industry-leading advisory involved in this project adds a large amount of valuable expertise to all of our launch areas
– Our data centers are some of the most efficient efficiency of construction, cooling, configuration and mining due to advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence used in mining operations
– Redundancy and security in every single system, from energy, to network, to management software, to security
– The Moonlite project offers complete transparency to all stakeholders and the general public through our social media channels and investor bulletins in the following aspects:
– Progress with ICO
– progress with project development and data center
– Progress with mining operations
– Letting investors visit the facility once opened
– Direct contact to senior management without delay
– We invite investors to participate in voting around operational ventures such as currency distribution, new data centers and the like
– Best in token class buy back and profitability structure
– Superior advantages using economies of scale and light overhead structures
– The team token lockup for 180 days, providing security and commitment to investors
– Intelligent Contract is fully audited by independent professional intelligent contract auditing company
– Repurchased evidence is burned and removed from circulation

Offer Value For Investors:

– Buyback of premium tokens, generate direct liquid returns
– Repurchased tokens are “burned” and removed from circulation. This will increase the value of existing tokens that are still in circulation
– Token can be freely transferred in the public market
– monthly operational and financial updates
– Formally signed financial statements are produced and distributed to semi-annual token holders
– Annual financial audits and intelligent contract audits. Results to be circulated
– Sorting out certain operational aspects
– Direct access to senior management
– Perfect operational and financial transformation
– The team token lockup for 180 days, providing security and commitment to investors

Anticipated investment returns

The table below displays the expected, attributable attribute per token, which can be distributed during the MNL repurchase program, compared to the number of tokens that may be available at the time.
– These figures are based on our detailed financial projections that can be viewed in our Pre-Swap Investor package on our website.
The above figure is ‘Attributable Profit per Token’ and will be paid to the token holder besides their token value on the exchange during the MNL Token Repurchase Program.
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