MOSSLAND – Mobile Based AR Game Location

What Is Mossland?

Mossland is a location-based and real estate based Augmented Reality (AR) gsme mobile. Users can identify the real property around it, acquire and trade it in-game. Virtual property in the game can be traded and liquefied through the exchange of cryptocurrency, so users will spend time and effort to increase the value of their property.
Augmented Reality The value of the virtual property in the game is proportional to the number of checks in the property and the owner will install the accessory, the AR object attached to this virtual property which is the most effective way to attract attention from others. These accessories not only make this virtual property visually appealing, but provide in-game benefits to users which will increase the number of visitors. And as more and more people join, more and more properties will be installed with various AR accessories. And it will be visually interesting to see how familiar city landscapes alter their images with exotic visual AR which will be a great marketing point for the game.
Mossland – AR Mobile Based Place game
Location Based Services (LBS) is becoming popular because GPS capabilities have been available due to the intelligent use of smart phones. And based on the availability of GPS users will compete to take ownership of virtual buildings and stores in the vicinity, aka Check-in Games. But tech giants like google and facebook also add check-in services, simple social networking services that share locations and check others in the loss. And in the meantime, due to the incredible increase in performance on mobile devices, AR services that manipulate real-time video with virtusl objects have shown great potential.
Chek-in is the basic action of mossland. And users can search for the largest building based on its location and check in on one of them. Property is a virtual asset in the game based on real estate values. In the Foursquare case, users can register Point of Interest (POI) without any verification process, so there may be some POIs for the same place. And Accessories is an AR object attached to the property. The mossland game is different from traditional chec-in games by increasing the property with time, effort and in-game currency. And another one is which item to get the accessories and the user needs to collect the ‘random’ item by checking in from the properties. As well as rare accessories can be obtained only from rare products and large amounts of gold.

Moss Coin And Moss

This moss coin is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereal platform. With the name of Moss Coin which has the symbol of MOC based on Ethereum platform and total Issue amount 500.000.000 MOC with exchange rate 1 MOC equal to 0.0001 ETH. 1 ETH is equivalent to 10,000 MOC.
And there are three types of currency in the game Mossland. Among the gold, the gem and the last is the moss. Here using Moss which Moss is a controlled currency by the company that will be used to purchase properties and accessories and run P2P advertising campaigns. And there are three ways to acquire Moss as follows:
1. Acquisition of the cryptocurrency stock
2. Acquisition through in-app purchases at the app store
3. Acquisitions with advertising engagement

Sales Token

Coin Moss’s supply will be closed at 500,000,000 MOC and after 500 million Coin moss are issued, new ones will not be created. 250.000.000 MOC will be distributed through ICO pre and ICO main. As well as depending on the amount of funds received from the ICO pr, the ICO hard stamp will be modified. And ICO participants can purchase Moss Coin from a minimum of 0.1 ET to a maximum of 1,000 ET with the standard rate being 1 ETH equivalent to 10,000 MOC.

Details Of Token Sales

  • Token Sales Schedule 12 March 2018
  • Purchase of Ethereum Token
  • Price Token 10.000 MOC / 1 ETH
  • Bonus 2.5% – 15%
  • Total Supply Token 500,000,000 MOC

Mossland Team

  • Wooram Son – CEO, Co-Founder
  • Chester Spirit – CSO, Co-Founder
  • Minuk Kim – CTO, Co-Founder
  • Yongjun Hong – CFO, Co-Founder
  • Sean Oh – COO, Co-Founder
  • Don Lim – VP of Business Development
  • Byucryun Choi – Lead Character Artist
  • Sangmin Lee – Lead Environment Artist
  • Youngdae Cho – Client Engineer
  • Yunu Kim – Server Engineer
  • Junchel Park – Blockchain Engineer
  • Hyunuk Nam – Blockchain Engineer
  • Seunghyun Kim – Software Engineer
  • Hyunbin Nam – Game Designer
  • Jerome Hernandez – Creative Engineer
  • Emily Park – PR Manager
  • Jason Han – Blockchain Advisor
  • Louis Jinhwa Kim – Blockchain Advisor
  • Ilya Mikov – Cryptocurrency Gaming Advisor
  • Jeffrey Lim – Startup Advisor
  • Duhee Lee – Startup Advisor
  • Charles Rim – M & A Advisor
  • John Chang – Investment Advisor
  • Sunkwan Kim – Art Design Advisor
  • Peter Van Dyke – AR UX & Design Advisor
  • Baolong Zhang – CG Advisor
  • Youngwoon Cha – Graphics & VR / AR Advisor
  • John S. Kim – Growth Advisor
  • Tim Chae – Venture Capital Advisor
  • Changsu Lee – Artificial Intelligence Advisor
  • Minpyo Hong – Security Advisor
  • Wonchai Lee – Monetization Advisor
  • Widjaja Tannady – Real Estate Advisor



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