NEW ICO AIDA SERVICE – Automatic sale, logistics

NEW ICO AIDA SERVICE – Automatic sale, logistics & product storage

AIDA  - To date, there are several electronic trading bases, but our service is for more serious work – to be the most efficient automated service for the sale of building materials, an integrated exit for the construction market.

For a better understanding of how such exits come out, it’s best to tell a little background. The idea of ​​our project was born one year more ago, when our company is engaged in the construction business.

Starting from 2013, we’ve tried to automate all systems, but face many problems related to outsourcing companies: logistics, warehouse, production and just human aspect. Resulting, in fact for one job requires a more thorough approach.

A few dozen, and maybe a few hundred board markers painted during the night and day, ultimately give the understanding that it may still be possible, but a lot of work needs to be done. So the idea is ripe to create a large-scale service to maximize the relationship of suppliers, logistics, warehouses and consumers.

So the work started in the service. Explaining to integrate all the schemes of his work, we are placed on the fact that only a little info is not perceived by the listener. Therefore, they begin to break the presentation into blocks for the participants separately and just explain what needs to be done. So it becomes brighter and brighter. Nothing is too much, just the right thing.

We’ve done a detailed job, from marketing start, to a statistical summary in the private office of all participants in the end. So there are two franchises for logistics and warehouses, and tools for multiple partners to promote and earn sales through existing services for simple housewives, as well as for professional bloggers and advertising agencies.

Also one of the directives of our work is to reduce the level of corruption in construction companies, where, according to our data, almost all the numbers of individuals mortgaged on it, which is essentially wrong and what needs to be fought.

Or, for example, the reality for suppliers: when trying to offer a more attractive supply-offering company with improved materials and circumstances, the supplier will be unable to reach management to explain everything it will work with, because “a” has stabilized steadily. ties with other trusted companies. As for factories.

Manufacturers with less advanced knowledge in marketing and networking dealers are so hard to compete with companies with deeper marketing knowledge, but without production. In the service all the same and have the same promotional opportunities. All you need is to fulfill the necessity of production.

Produce the goods, not the race for the amount. This problem is the same in different regions, after the introduction and testing of the product in detail, projectsi on them can be.

The market for building materials is taken because of its vast reach and there have been some experience of the founders in this section. Looking ahead, we calculate to enter different market in niche such as: Equipment, Furniture, Computer technology, Food, and others.


Development of a unique automated sales service that will also solve more than 90% of all existing market problems.


We strive to make №1 sales service in the world, where not only the most important “headaches” of some of our supporters will also be counted, but even some trivial matters that contribute to maximum comfort in working with it.

Our main purpose is for our organization to feel like a 2nd place to live to make efficient employees who are encouraged to reach better results and have the intention to stay with the company for a long period. To do this we always try to make our life in the office more interesting.

For example: our team building, re celebration party, exercising activity, computer game championship. Beyond that, participate and care for our future generations, we apply to practices like some things like hackhathon and sprint.

Hackhaton is a match for IT developers, where several experts from different parts such as programmers, designers, managers work together to solve problems. Here, we give the participants an opportunity to showcase their strengths as well as what more needs to earn money for this kind of thing.

This is a very interesting match that runs a 1/2 day. Such practices give young people a true sense of work life and express their power to think faster, more creatively, work in teams.

Sprint – 36 hours of hell, joke .. =) It’s 36 hours of work, no food, rest and go home. There is only 36 hours to complete or complete the work obtained. The latest Sprint is for IT developers, as well as they show the most important classes, first of all, for themselves.

They have completed their work in just 36 hours, though they can actually do it for a month. In different words, Sprint – a good base to shake one and open their borders and minds, and see where they stand and what they can actually do. Cause people to wonder how much they can accomplish during this little period.

One of our company politics is hiring some people who do not stand and always try to improve themselves. We just love to help, because we believe that only a few people according to the same who want to go forward, the people who make the world is always moving.



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