NTOK – Decentralized Ecosystems For Online Education

NTOK – Decentralized Ecosystems For Online Education

The education market is moving quickly from offline to online. Tutoring, one of the largest segments of the education market, is predicted to reach US $ 227 billion by 2022. Currently, online tutoring accounts for only 3-5% of the tutoring market, but is expected to grow quickly and become mainstream in its field. language studies, preschool preparation, additional instruction for K-12 students, continuing professional education.

Distance learning with tutors is expected to soon become a regular method of teaching and learning across subjects and topics. School and university students, adults and parents will choose distance learning with tutors as a way to gain new knowledge or valuable cultural experience, prepare for exams, improve professional skills, or just learn to have fun. Over the next few years more than 70% of les markets are expected to be online, creating a dynamic market whose value could exceed $ 150 billion.

Introducing NTOK

The NTOK platform is intended to solve all these problems by developing an online tutoring ecosystem based on blockchain technology. The key participants of NTOK are tutors and students. Other participants include content providers and educational content interested in drawing the attention of NTOK viewers to their products. The main focus of the NTOK platform is foreign languages, other popular topics and topics, preschool education, additional instruction for K-12 students, as well as coding and blockchain courses. NTOK allows tutors who specialize in a variety of topics to join the platform. After completing a series of online lessons, students can start working with different tutors on the same topic, or they can learn with multiple tutors simultaneously.

The open nature of the platform means that the ecosystem will grow rapidly. In NTOK, each student can find a tutor and each tutor can find students. Unlike other “intermediary” models to bring students and tutors together, NTOK takes a minimum commission on direct contact: it is possible to generate interest in the service by keeping it affordable, to reduce the price of services, and to attract larger ones. the number of students into the ecosystem.

The main part of this platform is the NTOK crypto-token that is used for various purposes, especially for paying lessons by students and earning revenue from teachers and content providers.

We have created an Alpha version of the NTOK platform. Currently, we test it as an online English language school at tutor-ninja.com, which will be a pilot project for a new decentralized (peer-to-peer) model to interact with a centralized online school. Through the lessons that have been done on the tutor-ninja.com platform, we communicate regularly with students and tutors and get quick feedback from them on how our peer-to-peer platform should evolve and which functions should be developed.

Transactions on the NTOK platform will be paid for using NTOK tokens. We understand that some participants may not find buying and selling crypts fully intuitive at first. To make the platform as accessible as possible to everyone, we aim to simplify the token purchase process by allowing customers to use traditional currency payment methods, while creating incentives for them to use tokens directly.

Technology and Architecture NTOK Platform

The NTOK ecosystem contains two main blocks: learning platform and blockchain, with blockchain that has internal and external blocks.

Learning Platform

The NTOK learning platform provides the following functionality: search, tutorial selection and assessment, online scheduling, payments, virtual classes, interactive tests, licensed content, video lessons. Our technical platform is based on ReactJS, Golang and the OpenTok audio / video streaming service (while in the future, audio and video will be streamed with Dapp blockover solution)


The tutor will be paid on the NTOK tokens directly by students through the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 standard). To gain a better experience, fiat currency against token exchange capabilities will be integrated into the system.

Assessment systems and reviews for tutors, video lessons and educational content will be based on the Ethereum smart contract. Students can only assess the tutor after the lesson is paid. Video lessons and educational content will be assessed after payment (for paid content). Ratings will be based on blockchain based reviews and are unlikely to change and be manipulated.

Token NTOK

The NTOK Token is based on the Ethereum protocol, damage, destruction or waiver of the Ethereum protocol may have adverse material effects on the NTOK Token. In addition, advances in cryptography, or technical advances such as quantum computing development, may present risks to NTOK Tokens and NTOK Ecosystems, including the use of NTOK tokens, by providing an ineffective cryptographic consensus mechanism underlying the Ethereum protocol.

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