Overview of ICO Multiversum

What is  Multiversum?

Multiversum is a platform that offers complex data organization, not data sequencing, chain separation and rejoining to enable greater scalability and parallelism, and the concept of validity of Integrity Evidence (ie, cryptographic proof of server code) rather than existing Proof of Stake solutions.
Multiversum will feature ERC20 / ERC23 integration, allowing coins and tokens from other solutions to be hosted on a platform chain and vice versa, with notary services as external confirmation methods.
This platform is the fourth (fourth) relational blockchain and there are several reasons for that which include:
This is a Relational Blockchain: This is a new blockchain that displays various types of data, related in a multidimensional structure.
It has Transaction Speed: Within 0.2 seconds, funds are transferred across the wallet, including secure validation of transactions. This is one of the fastest in the world!
It Has Proof of Integrity: The Proof of Stake (PoS) will be replaced by Proof of Integrity which is a cryptographic proof of server code.
Next Generation Wallets: Advanced security in access and fund transfer with biometric input.
It’s Environmentally Friendly: Multiversum Transactions will have an insignificant cost and in addition to zero environmental footprint.
It Has Allocation Recovery Nodes: MTV Nodes are scattered throughout the world for unparalleled resilience, reliability and global disaster recovery.


Multiversum Mission to improve the world of blockchain world, and as Unique Sales Point, we launch the following objectives:

  1. Achieve Crypto Relational DB with Self-Complexating Complex Data Structure

2.Reliablenetwork / run based on current system (Parallel Work)

  1. Sharding Data (Parallel Work)

  2. Advanced API Supply

  3. Restore (User Users)

  4. Freezable wallets

  5. Integration of biometric data as seed for Electronic Signature

  6. Interface of ERC23 (Interoperability with other blockchain)

9 Original off-chain adapter for ERC20 / ERC23 (Interoperability with other blockchain)

  1. Off-chain off-chain adapters for ERC20 / ERC23 guests (Interoperability with other blockchain)

  2. Proof of Integrity (Protocol Innovation)

  3. Dual Access Key (Structural Security)

  4. Reverse Access Denial (Structural Security)

  5. Chip Reciprocal Conflicts ( Interoperability with other blockchain)

  6. Integration for Java, Spring, and Javascript

  7. ACID

Model 17. Transactional Model

  1. SQL-like Language
Global adoption of Multiversum and blockchain

Multiversum technology encourages traditional blockchain beyond current limits, by increasing the data layer through self-verification and distributed structure of entity-organized data, linked to each other by symbolic links.
This technology sets the foundation for a decentralized and coherently distributed self-verified transaction system: Multiversum blockchain. Multiversum allows, instead of the existing simple blockchain data model, the creation of Relational Crypto Database (a sophisticated and organized data storage solution) that can handle not only a single data type, but a series of data grouped in complex graphs of data structures linked to each other. Relationships now become first class citizens of blockchain and are secured by cryptographic methods.
Each of them, when a state change is requested, will have a separate sub-chain of the original branch, which will rejoin after the operation, in order to be validated. Therefore Multiversum is an evolved blockchain technology, offering unique features to address the inconvenience analyzed beforehand, by specifying cryptographic validation and distribution techniques suitable for each environment: Administration, Industry, Finance and Government.
One of Multiversum’s main targets is to offer the market, at any time, the most developed product available: it will be possible to adopt the AGILE4 software development methodology. The AGILE methodology implies a drastic decline in initial project design involvement, benefiting from the enhancement of experience experienced during project development, demonstrating unpredictable opportunities and threats, providing best practice and going behind inadequately.

AGILE is an established software development standard and urges developers, product owners and investors to consider the scope of the project5 as flexible and easily tailored to market needs. Furthermore, in a rapidly growing sector as software, releasing products after six months of study and a year of implementation, when it was structured to match the market needs eighteen months earlier, meant offering outdated products that gave answers to outdated problems, which may have been solved by competitors and less responses to newly created challenges. What is blockchain?


Blockchain is a digital block chain, which contains information. What blockchain does is communicate with anyone who wants to know that the information is true.
Thanks to blockchain we can find out whether the information contained in it is real, verified and reliable without the possibility of external manipulation.
Through these functions, cryptocurrency is managed in blockchain: each person can transfer values ​​from one user to another in a unique, real and certified way.
The first generation of blockchain is used by tokens like Bitcoin and Litecoin. The second generation was launched by Ethereum with a smart contract. The third generation of blockchain consists of post coins (proof of ownership) and centralized currency.
Today with the Multiversum project, a new era is being prepared: the fourth generation, the relational blockchain.
Through this revolutionary concept, Multiversum team aims to solve the various problems and limitations that exist in the current blockchain: many of the cryptocurrencies present in the market today are valid, but because of their scalability they can not be used for mass dissemination.
What are the benefits of Multiversum?
  • Transaction speed: only 0.2 seconds is required
  • Capacity: 64-core servers can handle 64,000 transactions per second
  • POI: proof of integrity will replace proof of ownership for social security in transactions
  • Rollback: rollback system will be available for the application.
  • Recovery node: to create perfect system Multiversum developers have created many peripheral nodes to backup as Global Disaster Recovery
  • New generation wallets: through biometric access to the portfolio.
  • Splittable Chain: the workflow is distributed on the available nodes to divide the main chain into sub-chains.
  • Relational blockchain: a new type of blockchain that presents various types of data, related to multidimensional structures.
  • Eco-friendly: practices that will lead to a healthier life for the planet and its inhabitants, large and small.

Details of ICO

Token Name:
Multiversum Symbol: MTV
Standard: ERC20
Softcap: $ 5 Million
Harcap: $ 35 Million
Token Fees: $ 1
Token Number: 141.000.000 MTV
Period: May 1st to June 10th, 2018
ICO investor bonus will decrease from 20% to 10%


> 15% Founder and team (blocked for 12 months)

> Collaborators 6%

> 3% Advisory, Partnerships

> 76% Contributors


> Multiversum Development 47%

> Operation 25%

> 12% Marketing

> 5% Security

> 5% Legal

> 5% Reserve

> 1% Charity

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