The Differences between Oxycontin Vs Oxycodone

Understanding the Differences between Oxycontin Vs Oxycodone

What are the differences between oxycontin vs oxycodone? Before answering this question, it will be better if you know firstly about oxycontin and oxycodone. Both are kind of painkillers. For the oxycodone, it is probably thought as less of two since this is frequently combined with the others medication. This is still the opiate but it is probably combined with Tylenol or ibuprofen in several formulations. The number of the prescription pain reliever includes percodan, Percocet, oxycontin, tylox, and the whole that contain oxycodone. Yet, oxycodone is only ingredient in stronger version of drug oxycontin.

Oxycontin Vs Oxycodone

Oxycontin Vs Oxycodone

In the term of pharmaceutical, there are several basic concepts you have to know before identifying the differences between oxycontin vs oxycodone. In pharmaceutical world, oxycodone is considered as generic name for the oxycontin. It is oxycodone which has active ingredient in its product. Yet, oxycodone is also a kind of oxycodone with active ingredient on lots of others medication. By this, it is probably better for using the term like oxycodone extended release for describing generic version of the oxycontin.

Various effects of oxycontin vs oxycodone

For the oxycontin vs oxycodone description, it is mentioned that there will be several effects of the medication that is combined with the oxycodone. It is immediately released after taking the pills. Relief from the pain probably will last for about 4 up to 6 hours. On the description of oxycontin vs oxycodone, the oxycontin has the stronger effect since this contains pure concentration of the oxycodone and formulation will make drug intensely strong as well as highly addictive. It is a brand named pharmaceutical designated to be the time released and also remain effective for about twelve hours.

Yet, for those who abuse the oxycontin will frequently tamper with or remove time release, getting the very strong amount of medication right away. Those who are abusing drugs crush table and sort or swallow it or dilute that in the water as well as inject it. It will destroy mechanism of time release so users will get full effects of narcotic. To know more about oxycontin vs oxycodone, the users also can compare the high to euphoria of the heroin. Smoking the oxycontin will be become common problem on several areas of the country. Arguably, oxycontin is most abused opioid in US. This is the drug of the option for lots of prescription opioid addict. Yet, the side effects of the oxycontin can be severe.

For people who are addicted to the prescription drug commonly prefer the oxycontin due to the strong dosage as it is compared to the oxycodone. Although both of them are a kind of prescription drug, there are lots of people can find oxycontin vs oxycodone which is sold on streets. One of easiest ways for getting both of them is from family member or friend’s medicine cabinet.

Oxycontin VS Oxycodone

Oxycontin VS Oxycodone

The information related to oxycontin vs oxycodone

On the oxycontin vs oxycodone information, you will see that things that make oxycontin dangerous is not only about addictive but also about lethal. This will make you feel that you can tolerate it more but this can precipitate the respiratory failure specifically as it is used with the others drug like alcohol. In the term of oxycontin vs oxycodone, there are several street name of the oxycontin. Those can be kicker, oxycotton, OC, and hillbilly heroin.

Due to the oxycontin vs oxycodone type is addictive; there are the rehab centers which offer several tips for helping those in overcoming the prescription abuse problem as those drugs are extremely addictive. Based on reliable studies, there are three up to five percent of the people who are taking the pain medication eventually they become addicted. Those key will be for staying away from oxycontin vs oxycodone if it is possible at all. For those who must use both prescriptions, make sure that you seek the help as soon as you are thinking you probably have the problems.

The rehab center also suggests that if people know others who are struggling with oxycontin vs oxycodone, they have to get those immediate help. One-third of people who are aged 12 or the older one who use both drugs for first time uses the prescription drug that is for non-medical purpose. Based on credible study, there are more people that die because of overdosing on legal pain medication rather on the illegal drug in 2011.

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