Present your documents!

Today, almost all the adult population of the civilized world is confronted with a verification procedure. Identification of the client, identification of the identity, is an obligatory part of the work of the banking system. In other words, the verification procedure is called the procedure KYC know your customer (know your customer). In this case, KYC is obliged […]

Homelend Mortgage Lending Platform

Crowdfunding Homelend Mortgage Platform We Developed Homelend a Decentralized Mortgage Lending Platform, Peer-To-Peer Serves Two Purposes 1. Modernize old age mortgage loan system to be efficient, cost-effective, and customercentric. 2. Expand home ownership opportunities for new generation of borrowers, meet their different lifestyles and needs. How does it work? By utilizing distributed ledger (DLT) and […]

WorldEx – exchange platform of the new generation

Let me present you today a project, the ICO of which is already in full swing and the minimum fees have already been achieved: the WorldEx platform. As the name of the project shows, WorldEx is an exchange platform for trading and exchanging crypto-currencies around the world. Characteristics of the WorldEx platform The platform will […]

Contract vault Next generation agreements for everyone on the Ethereum blockchain

What is Contract Vault? Contract vault is a platform designed to provide convenience, where anyone can use, develop, customize and even resell legally-valid contracts. It’s a very simple contract like pulling and dropping. Market to sell with a safe environment and watched by many people. Contract Vault is also designed as a home for automated smart contracts, where […]

FLUIDAI – artificial intelligence on the guard of a smart contract

What is FLUIDAI ? Artificial intelligence (FLUIDAI AI, also machine intelligence, MI) is an intelligence expressed by machines, in contrast to natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans and other animals. In computer science, AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents”: every device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances […]

Get to know more about Bitcoin Crown

Bitcoin Crown is a digital commerce token that will provide game developers, creators, and game communities the required values ​​and tools supported by crypto to implement and manage virtual goods. BTCC Coin is the first cryptocurrency with authentic purpose Online gaming is one of the most evolving and stable segments within the scope of technology, […]

Tradelize ICO Review

Tradelize is a decentralized blockchain based ecosystem that enables professional traders to access a unique set of trading tools for trading purposes and make investors earn the same trading returns as that of ProTraders. Invest in Crypto Details: ICO Name Tradelize Description Tradelize is a decentralized blockchain based ecosystem that enables professional traders to access […]

Faster Processes with XchangeRate Robot

Blocchain technology is everyday involved in an increasing momentum in new areas of our lives. Much more beautiful projects, more beautiful ideas color and simplify our lives. Now let’s introduce a system that aims to integrate platforms that provide the use of intelligent robots in systems using the blockchain technology. The XchangeRate platform will make it easier for […]

OVERVIEW ICO Dating With Benefits

Innovative technologies on the Internet change not only professional opportunities, methods of calculation, storage of money resources, ways of earning. The form of communication, search of the second half also changes. Real life turns into virtual. And it’s harder to find not just an adherent, but also love. Dating sites in the Internet space are trying to […]

HDXCHANGE Eliminates Complexity Through Various Agencies And Exchanges

WHAT IS HDXCHANGE? HDXCHANGE is a cryptocurrency exchange that has come up with innovative solutions and offers never seen or heard. We have a profit-sharing priority to a level no other exchange has ever made. Our bonus and offer schemes will provide life-time benefits for our investors. All of our ICO investors will get 40% of future foreign revenues […]