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GigTricks Limited is a private limited company registered in Gibraltar under the Companies Act of 2014 and having a registration number of 117112. Gibraltar was chosen to do so because it is confidential.
Someone is working with GigTricks. The functions of these directors are responsible for the activities of the company and monitor its activities on a daily basis. The director exercises his rights in accordance with the provisions of the Company and its obligations to the Company. They are given all the authority to perform all necessary or useful actions for the management and control of the company’s business and the development of the GigTricks platform.

GigTricks aims to create a version of an independent platform that is now fully developed, which will be futuristic in its ability to offer opportunities, minimize risks and create win-win scenarios for all stakeholders. GigTricks has a vision of where they plan to come true. This vision can come true, because it creates an affordable, affordable and inexpensive freelance platform that seeks to benefit as many countries as possible!

The ecosystem architecture of GigTricks was designed to provide high scalability to ensure its flexibility. This means that freelancers will be able to sell / sell their products and / or services online or offline within the ecosystem. For example, digital marketers can develop, and also offer courses or sell products or services on the GigTricks platform online or offline (for example, privately). The freelancer can then receive payment through the GigTricks cryptography token, called the GigBit (GBTC) marker.

The GigTricks platform is aimed at making globalization a simple process.
Token GIgBit (GBTC) is based on ER20 format and works in Ethereum devices, as this will simplify acceptance by the community and the market. Elements based on Ethereum are good solutions for conventional payments that exceed a small amount, for example, $ 0.0001. GigTicks will use Gigbit credit for micro payments to be more cost-effective. Gigbit loans can not be sold. They will be released by the platform and can only be converted to GigBit markers. A Gigbit loan can not be sent from one user to another, regardless of platform.
The cryptographic token (GBTC) is designed to integrate payment instruments into the ecosystem for its members around the world. Tokens can be used for: transactions in an application to unlock products or services, user subscription, community gifts, advertising, royalty payments and rollover of freelancers.
Tokens will also work to balance the playing field and set a benchmark for providing services.
The most influential group

The GigTricks Social Platform allows users to receive gigabytes simply by publishing and / or browsing social content. Gigbit cards can be used as a means of paying additional tests of GigTricks Pro skills or for accessing high-end services, such as GigTricks Learning, which will help users to master additional skills. Users will be able to see both the overall evaluation of the personal profile, and the level of their skills, as well as reduce the time spent on communication between customers and freelancers. 90%. Although, if there are any disputes, gigrtiki have developed incentive systems that encourage trust and stubbornness. Global or global markets are expanding,

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