Realtycoin guarantees investment in Real Estate Reviews

Realtycoin guarantees investment in Real Estate Reviews

What is Realty coin?

We make this coin with the aim of buying real estate for a low price and then selling it for a higher price and then earning a good profit. 10% of this profit will be shared with our investors. We are also in the process of arranging agreements with builders and other companies related to real estate to receive original coins as payment options. Realtycoin aims to be the number one coin to buy and sell real estate from around the world.


The RealityCoin is a new product of a newly established company, called Inversiones Derezunsky SpA. The corporate tax id is 76.797.127-3 and is located in Santiago, Chile. We launch our project and issue an RTC coin in order to
buy real estate at the lowest price worldwide and then sell it for a higher price, thus earning a lot of profit for it. What we are trying to create, the chain, where we will spread the 10% profit from any deal with our investors. In addition, we can guarantee the payment options that will be accepted by corporate builders and real estate agents.
We want you to be a part of this business, so you can become a real estate agent for yourself
even without much effort. So if you have seen or found a
good real estate business opportunity, you can win with us too
No matter where you are or where real estate is, we will buy it all over the world.

Realtycoin is a new product from a newly established company called inversiones Derezunsky SpA. with corporate tax account 76.797.127-3 located in santiago city, Chile. Realtycoin makes a project and by leveraging the popularity of blockchain and creating RTC coins to buy real estate at the lowest price worldwide. and after that sell higher. So get a lot of benefits. That is the prospect that we will make by giving 10% profit for investors from every deal. In addition Realtycoin can also guarantee the payment options that will be accepted by real estate developers and real estate agents. Realtycoin wants to be a part of this business. so we should be able to become a real estate agent for ourselves without having to work hard. of course this is an opportunity. if you have found the bright side of the investment business by joining Realtycoin. because Realtycoin will always be with us wherever we are.
Often our minds arise Questions are difficult to answer, what kind of real estate we are looking for. we must be keen to see opportunities. where circumstances disa’at increasingly difficult. and urgency needs, that’s where they sell their property to meet their needs. But if you are faced with the position. You do not need to be confused Realtycoin makes this a great opportunity to have this type of real estate.

Realtycoin and RTC token

With the development of blockchain technology and the disadvantages possessed by the cryptocurrency itself is highly unstable and unpredictable. but do not worry. Realtycoin can overcome that annoyance. With Realtycoin we can invest in one of the most solid assets of all time in real estate and real estate. we can become commercial partners directly. because realtycoin always tries to find a property with a price teresa and resell it at a high price. with a very satisfactory profit sharing system offered by Realtycoin itself.

Realtycoin is trying to develop the real estate world and integrate it with blockchain by creating a token that we know with RTC that can provide many advantages. this is highlighted by the quality of the Realtycoin interdisciplinary teams. and supported by people who are experts in their field. Like law, finance, computers and marketing, it is expected to overcome the problems often faced by investors invested in traditional systems that have been developed, such as:

minimum investment amount, credit card ownership. as well as our good name dibank. with Realtycoin investing is as easy as turning your palms. you only need an internet connection. then the money boxes will come to you. Chile was chosen as the headquarters of Realtycoin because it was considered the most transparent country and a country free from corrupt practices,

Realtycoin is a decentralized cryptography with an intelligent Ethereum contract. because the Realtycoin team believes that cryptocurrency is a new veil in the progress of the real estate world.

Realtycoin itself tries to evolve to penetrate the boundaries of individuals in investing in property. Realtycoin aims sebuah to strengthen the real estate sector globally. that is expected to touch more than 200 trillion dollars. Realtycoin invests heavily in the activities of great interest in Chile. And slowly this project will grow all over the world. and this is all the investor contribution. Realtycoin will continue to work optimally to be listed for some Exchanger cryptocurrency. also sesa’at after the completion of the ICO program.

  • Bittrex
  • Poloniex
  • Kraken
  • Yobit

Team reviews


I am an entrepreneur, always paying attention to the latest technologies and trends. Passionate in the world of cryptocurrencies, where I spent about a year investigating and investing in them, managing to understand their processes from creation to their commercialization. Experienced in detecting low-cost properties, the legal management of judicial auctions has enabled him to acquire property at very low prices for subsequent sales to large investors. What I have done for third parties, now I want to do it for my own company and so that my investors can also get with me. I speak native Spanish but I can give myself to understand in English.


I am transparent and direct, with sufficient experience in international business coordination. I have developed a family business with headquarters in Santiago, Chile, extending it to other markets in South America such as Peru. I am a commercial engineer by profession. I can communicate in Spanish and English.
Among the characteristics of what I can develop we can emphasize:
1) Innovation in a continuous process
2) Budget Management Creativity
3) Management of continuous improvement
4) Experience in information analysis


My seriousness and professionalism have made me grow in international companies for a long time. I graduated in Commercial Engineering and I have a Master’s degree and a diploma in matters relating to Engineering and Finance. Participating in realtycoin is a new challenge that accompanies the other team members, we will have the satisfaction to lead in the real estate area. I speak English and Spanish. In performing my task, I have the ability to manage multiple client accounts at once, ensuring security, risk detection and adequate protection.


As a Commercial Engineer, I specialize in the field of human resources. I have always loved technological developments and with this professional team, we have taken this wonderful challenge to internationalize what we have done in Chile. Rape sales of real estate. In addition, the opportunity to make currency and try to use it as a legally-accepted payment instrument is a challenge that professionals must take with appropriate seriousness. I want to stand out for KYC, internal and external. I speak English and Spanish.


Hi, I am an engineer in marketing, I have worked in my job, what I love, business marketing. I have done marketing for important companies in my country, where I stand out in the work done in one of the biggest phone companies in Chile. I consider myself a persistent, hardworking, honest and very loyal person. One of the best functions I have done is the management of alliances with other companies, a task I will also succeed in developing so that Realtycoin becomes the international currency accepted by construction companies. I speak English, Spanish and very small Italian.


Conduct research
October 2, 2017
We studied the real estate market and found opportunities to buy and sell it. There are too many people who need to sell the property before losing it for debt. In addition, we manage the monthly list of monthly properties for contributions. With the information we tested with two real estate transactions and we checked whether that was good
Legal Goods Ready
November 7, 2017
With more than 7 years in the real estate market, some friends with knowledge in various fields, led by Daniel Derezunsky, gave form and constitutional law to Inversiones Derezunsky SpA, with tax number 76.797.127-3
PraSale Begins
December 19, 2017
Minimum Investment 0.25 Eth = 705 RTC + 20% Bonus = 846 RTC // Minimum Investment 0.50 Eth = 1410 RTC + 40% Bonus = 1974 RTC // Minimum Investment 1 Eth = 2820 RTC + 50% Bonus = 4230 RTC // Estimated Price of each RTC = 0.12 USD
PreSale Finish and Start ICO
January 19, 2018
Completed the PreSale and Start the ICO Period to earn the Big Bonus. We will publish the Pre-Sale results. Starts ICO Sales. Bonus minus half of PreSale stage.
ICO Completed
February 28, 2018
The token sale is over. We will publish the final results and begin sending revenue share of token and holder revenue.
Join the exchange
March 5, 2018
RealtyCoin will start the process to do jpin to the stock, we hope to be in the main exchanges such as bittrex, yobit, kraken, poloniex, binance, etc .. We will post on our telegram group and website where we will be a part.
RealtyCoin in the world
April 2, 2018
Start a worldwide campaign to become realtycoin as a preferred method of payment accepted by real estate agents and building companies.
more information can see link below:
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