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About the company and how it works: 

      Robotina is a European campaign that develops new, smart technologies for the energy industry. Their main experience is in fact, the optimization of intelligent electrical networks. Robotina uses intelligent electricity technology to manage the energy consumption of its users, which saves a lot of money. And at the same time, the company cares about the environment, minimizing power losses and reducing the voltage on the network. Well, what’s interesting? Hope so)).

To be honest, I have not seen anything like this in the market for a while, and the direction of the project itself is really fascinating. But there is another moment, which I noticed immediately, and I can not remain silent. Robotina on the market since 1990, imagine? This is not some kind of dummy, which has nothing but ideas, but a serious company that has 28 years of experience in the energy market behind it. I think you understand what that means. And if not, then I’ll ask you: – Do you often see ICO projects with almost 30 years of experience in the market? Have you ever seen it? Oh, how I doubt it! But I have no doubts about this project.

So here, using several smart technologies, among them, the blockade, IOT and artificial intelligence Robotina reduces energy consumption, costs for it and optimizes the entire electrical network, monitoring data on consumption in real time. That is, if, for example, you do not currently use a device, it is automatically turned off.

  Product of the company: 

The Robotina product is a device called HEMS (home energy management system). This is just an additional device that Robotina customers receive and install in their homes. Here is HEMS and tracks individual devices and total energy consumption. Well, there are also bells and whistles about which I recommend that you get acquainted on their site yourself. The link will be left under the article. All customer data received by Robotina products about their users will be processed anonymously. But the user will also have a choice like this, to keep the confidentiality of their data further, or it will be possible to sell them to other companies.

Project Tokens: 

As you already understood, now the company Robotina conducts ICO. The company uses as currency ROX tokens, in which at the moment you can invest your money.

ROX token is a really good tool for depositors. ROX is based on the blockbuster Ethereum. They will be used or exchanged on a platform. For example, a person can buy with his tokens, hardware, equipment on the platform, and even have a 3% discount on any mediation. It will be possible to pay fees using a platform with tokens. Also participate in collective financing with your ROX token, that is, you can participate in group purchases.

Therefore, anyone who will cooperate with all possible devices on the platform will use ROX tokens.

                                                                  The project team:


ICO Terms and Details:

Start ICO: March 21, 2018

End of ICO: April 30, 2018

Token symbol: ROX

Standard token: ERC-20

Soft Cap: $ 10,000,000

Hard Cap: $ 28,500,000

Released tokens: 815.000.000 ROX

For sale: 570.500.000 ROX

Minimum payment: 0.5 ETH


I think many people understand that Robotina, this is a very promising project. Moreover, it can also earn money. You can save money and / or earn ROX tokens as a user or simply a member of the community. Robotina itself has several key differences from other projects. First of all, this is the product itself. A product that is functional and used on a large scale, and I have to admit that it’s quite a rare thing that a company has a product. And as I wrote above, the plus is of course the long-term experience of the team and the 28-year experience of the company itself in the market. This is unique. I will continue to follow the project, and work with it. Thanks to everyone who read this article to the end. Next will be))









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