SETHER-Blockchain’s first smart social marketing platform

SETHER-Blockchain’s first smart social marketing platform

These are very nice ico ‘s going out. Among them, Sether is receiving more support from its investors. I will try to tell you briefly about Sether, but you can visit his website ( ) for more information .


Before Blockchain, all transactions were stored in an accounting book and ultimately stored in an electronic spreadsheet or database created on a computer system. This can be risky because it is not always safe. The data may be modified or deleted. Numerically distributed books can solve this problem. Rather than saving data to a server or database, there are blocks on multiple computers and networks in different locations. If there is a change in the chain, each copy will appear immediately.

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The emergence of Block Chain technology has been recognized as a great convenience in accounting systems in various sectors. It’s not just that, but more interestingly, it is possible to reduce normal operating costs with Block Chain. Because in the past, companies had to keep private repositories to store secure data. Block Chain has transparency among its advantages.

Sether is a community that provides a combination of block chains and APIs in an interpersonal organization that allows any block chain server to connect, retrieve data, leave and track unofficial communities. In addition, it provides control capabilities for specific capacities and operations with block chains and initiatives. Customers can create observers who will get the data they want, scan for effects, see their messages, and get advice when there are certain events.

Sether can be considered as the primary mobile phone with information about inter-personal organizations. The current prophecy program carries information between any outsourcing and block chain. Sether carries informal organization information for the block chain through interpersonal organizations and coordination mechanisms. While the non-working with the official societies, the main issue is trust. If you are a customer, you can never be sure, except to suspect that the organization perceives what you are doing in your system.


Customers can ask clear questions, ask for clear information, investigate the effects, see the contents of the messages, make eye witnesses when they are encountered, or ask questions about non-official interpersonal organizations; for example, about messages, pages or a lot of other things.

In any case, you can naturally benefit from a clever contract to make up for your clients to improve your job or your job. You control everything yourself. Nevertheless, it turns out that it is even more interesting.

Sether allows engineers to set up a different kind of blockckain management system that will increase the chances that the data that is accessible to the informal communities are in a perfectly convenient location, that they have a credibility program and that they have credibility programs and actually give them various opportunities to grow any business.

ICO information

ICO Date: December 4, 2017 – January 14, 2018
Symbol: SETH
Technology Infrastructure: Ethereum
Total amount of tokens: 100 million
Accepted currencies: ETH BTC, LTC, DASH
Price: 1 seth = 0.003 ETH

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