Shivom: The largest base of human genomes on the blockade

As it turned out, data on the genomes of the population are of very high value, because by their study it is possible to find ways to deal with a variety of diseases, including rare ones, including cancer, diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as various infectious and neurodegenerative diseases.

The founders of the platform, which we will talk about today, discovered a number of significant problems that are related to human genomes and the security of data about them. The founders of the Shivom project found solutions to these difficulties in the application of the sensational technology of blocking, cloud computing, canning of genomes, artificial intelligence with machine learning and the analysis of large data (Big Data).

We will talk about what the Shivom solution is and how the technologies mentioned above will help to solve the problems that have arisen in the field of public health and the study of human genomes. The creators of the project intend to fundamentally change the principles on which relations in these spheres are built and how data on human DNA is used.

The idea of ​​Shivom

The concept that Shivom offers is based on full transparency, protection of user data and maximum user safety. The idea is to create a platform that will allow users around the world to have data about their DNA along with the opportunity to share them, both for free and for a fee. Thus, a single database on the genomes of people will be created, so that they can share them, and others – effectively use them to create various methods of treatment.

Data on DNA will be safely stored in the locker, and distributed through smart contracts. The technology of block circuits has proved to be a reliable way of storing and transmitting data, because it, firstly, allows you to safely store all kinds of information, preventing interference from other parties, and second, it also allows you to transfer this data safely and quickly between two parties.

It may seem that Shivom is just a marketplace, in which users can provide others with data about their genomes, receiving a reward for it. But no, platforms will become something much larger. These are solutions for many healthcare actors, including patients and DNA donors, as well as providers of various services in this field – pharmaceuticals and researchers of companies, doctors, insurance companies and even creators of various applications and solutions in the field of personalized medicine.

This means that the data that users will share will be used by other participants for their benefit. Researchers will be able to use DNA data to create effective ways of treating specific categories of people, relying on their genomes, and doctors will be able to choose the right treatment.

Why is this necessary?

The fact that people have learned to use human DNA to determine personalized treatment, the development of suitable medications and solutions for specific categories of people, can not but rejoice. But many do not even think that sharing information about their genome, they allow certain health process participants to earn on the sale of such data to third parties.

DNA donors in this case do not receive anything from their profits, although providing such data can, firstly, provide them with an opportunity to earn, and secondly, to receive personalized solutions for their treatment and not only. The genome ecosystem that will be created in Shivom will provide users with the opportunity to directly prune data on their DNA to those participants who need it.

Moreover, the platform will be designed for the population of the whole planet, so that the maximum number of users can enjoy the benefits of Shivom. This means that even residents of poor countries who are not that they can not share data about DNA, but they themselves do not know anything about their genomes, because they simply do not have such an opportunity.

The creators of Shivom took into account that not all people on the planet know about their DNA, and therefore can not share such information. In this regard, users around the world will be able to receive the results of analyzes of their genomes directly through the platform. Thanks to this, every person on the planet will know the features of his DNA and everything connected with it. This will ensure the global nature of the ecosystem.

In the next part of the review, we will describe how an average user can obtain data about his genome without visiting relevant institutions, and how he can use it.

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