Social Wallet – Integration of crypto-currencies into social networks

The penetration of the social network throughout the world continues to increase steadily. In 2019, it
is estimated that about 2.77 billion users of social networks on a global scale, compared with 2.46 billion in 2017. adoption of mobile devices in emerging markets. Without any signs of slowing the addition of new users to social networks, the ability to use these markets with an optimized platform of crypto currency presents itself.

A social wallet is a global platform with the ability to convert 2.77 billion social network users into crypto currency receivers. Blockchain Technologies: takes the market by storm Blockchain is the main technology that arose in the form of an encrypted public accounting to track all crypto transactions; in particular, it works as an electronic transaction processing and accounting system. This allows the connected participants during the network (usually publicly available) to track information through a secure network, thereby allowing the need for any outdated third-party verification, as is the case with a traditional banking model.

The increasing acceptance of this safe technology in the financial services sector and the expected adoption of the public sector, including health segments fueling the need for a crypto currency platform, which easily allows you to instantly exchange funds. The growing demand for simplified business processes that ensure transparency, invariability and faster transactions stimulate the adoption of Blockchain-as-aService.ii An indicative list of companies that have invested in blockchain technology includes: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Walmart and Visa.

How it works

“Social Wallet” is a platform for entering the market, designed for fast, fast and safe exchange of crypto-currencies through today’s existing social network. The recipient does not require pre-configuration or any additional knowledge about the transaction itself.
The social wallet allows people to send crypto-currencies directly to the platform through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and many more platforms. Choose a celebrity, an influential person, a friend or anyone else you want, and send them tokens to any social networking platform of your choice. The applications for using this platform are as extensive and numerous as the actions of social networking users in various networks .

Social Wallet Debit Card

In the next four years, the e-commerce market will almost double to $ 4.5 trillion. Mixing integration into social networks, global money transfer opportunities and brand recognition through our Social Wallet initiative. The debit card of the social wallet closes the circle of universal opportunities for sending, exchanging, and converting tokens, cooperating with a third-party provider of a debit card on the block chain. Its unique program, offering a debit card “white label”, allows the Social Wallet to mark our debit card as a debit card “Social Wallet”.
Just like using the Social Wallet platform to send and receive tokens, a simple debit card called “Social Wallet” – which will provide users with the ability to transfer tokens into the desired currency. Our debit card on the white label provides options for adapting our debit card to both the needs of our organization and our customers. Our agreement provides excellent service, including fast operations and, importantly, AML and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules. Our partnership with a third-party provider of debit cards aims to make traditional banks obsolete and dominate the e-commerce market.

This is the main thing that you need to know in order to get interested in the project.
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