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The use of blockade technology in the modern world greatly simplifies any field of activity. Did not pass it and the niche of influential marketing, allowing to significantly increase the effectiveness of this industry.

SocialCxN is a new generation platform oriented to become the best tool for improving management efficiency. Brands can now search and create the best online media on several social networking channels. For influential users or brands, the platform allows you to monetize the number of subscribers in different social networks.
SocialCxN is the only platform where each interested party has its own user interfaces for online management of companies, while automating all day-to-day functions.
The aim of the project is to consolidate the sphere of influential marketing with the use of financial leverage and blocking technology for all participants of the platform.

Principle of operation


Content Creation

Based on their knowledge and experience, creator will create personalized content for the brand. With a clear understanding of their audience in social networks, content can use the most convenient way to transfer information, whether it be video, articles, reviews, memes and even hashtags.

Distribution of content

Through powerful marketing, content is broadcast for a certain audience. Thus, the brand can reach millions of new, interested customers, and influential marketing monetizes the work done.

Digital Consulting

Brands like to attract experts from social networks for short-term training to help internal teams. Influential marketing will help you use your experience to work with brands through webinars and conversations in real time.

Charity programs ICO

ICO startups rely heavily on bonus programs as part of their marketing and PR strategy. The use of methods of influential marketing for start-ups will strengthen the ways of disseminating information about their organizations.

Companies that are successful with SocialCxN


Road map

July 2017
The SocialCxN platform was successfully launched in the US.
The emergence of paid companies with brands and digital agencies. Generation of revenue from paid customers.
February 2018
Launch of the corporate platform.
Launch the application for iOS and Android.
Price calculation and cooperation with multi-user interfaces are made.
Full functions of marketing management, including planning, reporting on ROI, analytics, real-time messaging and much more.
March 2018
Launching ICO, a smart contract for the CxN token.
The Bounty program was launched, as well as the start of the pre-sale. Public sales are scheduled for the end of March 2018.
Covered platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest.
July 2018
Started transition to Ethereum BlockChain.
Sales development teams have expanded to key countries, including Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain.
Market Development
API integration is planned with Salesforce Marketing and sales clouds.

ICO Details

Private sale started on March 20 and will last until April 10, 2018.
During this period, the bonus is 15%. The
price of 1 ETH is 14, 375 CxN.
The second stage of private sale starts on April 16 and will last until May 7, 2018.
During this period, 10% bonus is valid. The purpose of the collection for this period is 10 000 ETH.
The price of 1 ETH is 13, 750 CxN.
The terms of the main sale start on May 11, and will last on June 18, 2018. The purpose of the collection for this period is also set at 10 000 ETH.
The price of 1 ETH is 12, 500 CxN

The name of the token: Cxn
Standard: ERC20
Presale:capture-20180329-183936.jpg1 CXN = 0.00006957 ETH
Price: 1 CXN = 0.00008 ETH
Accepted payments: the ETH, The BTC
sum minimum purchase: 0.10 the ETH
Soft cap: 6,000 the ETH
the Hard cap: 20,000 the ETH

Distribution of tokens



SocialCxN is a modern generation platform aimed at being a universal tool for increasing the level of management and orientation effectiveness. Thanks to it, brands will be able to find and create the best multimedia content on a variety of social networking channels, earning revenue depending on the number of their subscribers.


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