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Sponsy is an online trading platform that allows companies and individuals to link and sign sponsorship agreements Today, sponsorship is to be offered if you are not a celebrity, you are not a major famous company If it is difficult, it is difficult to achieve, Sponsors want to change it.The user creates accounts to look for sponsors or ask for sponsorship. These two are The sponsy will collect a small amount of finder fee for the benefit and the parties will get what they want

Sponsy (SPS) – main aspects

Advertising  sponsorship, your is one of the best ways to promote small and medium-sized enterprises baseball field. multiplied by the hat to someone’s bike logo If you can, your brand awareness might be greatly improved.  Small amount commission  traditional sponsorship agencies sometimes charge a maximum of 40% of the astronomical fee. Suponshi is only charge a 15% fee . will sponsor  your vision, be either athletes or musicians, one of the biggest things you can do to a career is to become a sponsor. in Sponsy, rock star need to be a driver of the race and the car There is no sponsor (SPS) – problem

Sponsorship is one of the most important factors for companies to increase brand awareness.The startup companies, Because players and someone sponsorship according to their own needs, we can pay maintenance fee, but, Today, this seems to be limited primarily to large brands and even to larger individuals.In NBA Formula-1 race tracks and bars It is difficult to become a sponsor as long as you do not have a scaled ball. If you do not own a company with millions of dollars As far as it is concerned, it is difficult to put someone into sponsorship, sponsors bring together these two groups, and small companies are small Guru We do not wish to make spoons and individuals sponsor, they are small law firms who are not familiar with local club people It is possible to do it.It is easier than ever to find and receive policymakers, and even to go to sponsorship agencies One of the fastest growing marketing departments today is sponsorship, which is a long term Despite the history and complexity, it is a huge business industry that is hot every day, and the sponsorship market is rapidly growing Not only is it a very effective marketing channel, but sponsors are aiming to improve the sponsor organization’s status significantly Provide the solution.


In addition, Sponsors (SPS)

brands and major events around the world attracts sponsoring agencies and brokers to trade, brokers have gained an important market share and can direct their terms. We are only interested in working with large companies.This situation is a big hurdle for small companies and start-up companies that want to attract sponsors.Spon-cie distributes agency’s work and sponsorship contract We are trying to establish partnerships with companies and people who have the necessary experience to succeed.The first class attorneys familiar with their business do not want customers to stick to the dark and prolonged legal conflict will help to. sponsorship wide range Suponshi experts that are necessary for the implementation of the contract , they are located around the world, remote In run the high-quality work of the. Opportunity for experts to participate in the SPONSY ecosystem, not only to speed up the process to eliminate the mistake, different cultural, geographic of and political layer people The sponsi- ny will provide users with a convenient platform for sponsorship and maintenance.The goal of this project is to create the entire world of sponsorship This is an actual legal basis SPONSY ecosystem is equipped with infrastructure including all the services, people and information necessary to complete the transaction Introduce modern technology and solution doing, it automates the entire process can be. all the companies and events, sponsor sheet It is open equally to new opportunities of flops, is almost impossible today.

The Team’s Experience

Sponsored team has extensive experience and a valuable collection of skills for the sponsorship platform to succeed Representatives of the team repeatedly participated in sponsorship agreements

Distribution and sale of SPS tokens

ERC 20 and Compatible SPS tokens are used to perform all operations on the SPONSY platform and guarantee maximum transparency and controllability.All participants of the platform are encouraged to the SPS token is used. If the transaction in the SPS token is being carried out, the sponsor platform client, a unique discount of a certain percentage of the amount of money that working professionals that has been provided has requested (reward) is provided it. today in the marketing department which is the fastest growing one is sponsorship. This is in spite of the long history and complexity , hot every day That is a huge business industry. Sponsorship market is not only growing rapidly, is a very effective marketing channel. Suponshi is, offers a solution to significantly improve the status of the sponsor organization to or.

Sponsi (SPS) – Conclusion

Spo- cers and brokers complete transactions at brands and major events all over the world, and broadcasters have a large market share , The condition is instructed.The agency itself is interested only in the business with the large enterprise.This fact is that if the small company or start-up company that wants to sponsor It helps to overcome many obstacles. Spaces distribute agency work and require experience for successful sponsorship We plan to partner with companies and individuals.The leading lawyers who are familiar with their businesses are involved in a dark and prolonged litigation by customers We do not support the wide range of sponsored expertise necessary for implementing the sponsorship agreement We plan to maintain high quality and remote work and to have bases around the world The ability to attract the SPONSY ECOSYSTEX EXPERT PORT is the same as ER Eliminate and processIn addition to not only offering customers a large number of fresh ideas from people of different cultural, geographical and political levels It is also a good thing.Spacious is to provide users with a comfortable platform for sponsorship and mentoring The goal of this project is to create a whole world of sponsorships that are legal standards of practicality SPONSY The ecosystem includes all the services required to complete the transaction, infrastructure including personnel and information Equipment is equipped. By automating the entire process by introducing advanced technologies and solutions It is now possible for all companies and events to take the opportunity to open new opportunities for new sponsorships that are almost impossible today, Leave it.


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