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The current solutions pursued by the health technology industry have led to a complex issue of privacy, which sometimes results in economic fraud for patients. As the health care industry expands, the question becomes more meaningful and encourages people to ask more often.

SSOT Health is a smartphone-based platform that can fundamentally reorganize existing health systems. The platform has very good potential for improving seamless interoperability, cyber security and, ultimately, for the effective use of these patients. Thus, it is possible to preserve the integrity of data as a single source of reliable information, as well as decentralized and efficient transactions without the involvement of outsiders, as a result of which the patient himself becomes the focus of health care.

Principle of operation

When the health care provider adds data using the Ethereum Web app SSOT client, the data is stored in their EHR system, and the encrypted hash reference is sent to the private chain using SSOT stacks and the Ethereum client. Using the SSOT-protected mobile application, patients can allow access to data stored in the private distributed storage system of the unit. Thus, the encrypted global patient identifier (GPID) is the unique identifier of a person’s record all over the world.

Project road map

Q1 2018
The SSOT Health platform is under development from January 2017, a large-scale marketing campaign (underway). Pre-sale of the token event (underway).
Q2 2018
The first launch of the application will take place in the hospital system. Token SEHR will be listed in popular, high volume exchanges.
Q3 2018
Release of SSOT Pharmacy BlockChain Framework.
Q1 2019
Release of SSOT Health Insurance Blockchain Framework.
Q2 2019
SSOT Health is an open source code for a compatible API for the top EHR application.
Q1 2020
SSOT Health presents the Globlal Patience ID (GPID) and, at the same time, a fully functional plug-in for any EHR.

ICO Details

Sales start: April 30, 2018
Name of the token: SEHR
Standard: ERC-20
Total number of tokens: 1000 million
Number of tokens for sale: 500 million
Minimum investment amount: 1 ETH
Pre-sale bonus: 30%
Pre-sale soft cap: 2.5 million .USD
1 SEHR = 0.03 USD

The main project team

The SSOT Health project team was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which, in turn, is at the epicenter of innovation in US healthcare. The team members and their advisors studied and worked at local universities, such as Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brandeis. Each core member of the group has more than 20 years of experience in successful technology start-ups. Not to mention the fact that the team is supported by an impressive group of consultants.
Moses Rajan – Co-Founder
Has 25 years experience of using health technologies Entrepreneur with four start-ups in the field of healthcare and analytics. Educated at Harvard University, Cambridge. IBM Certified Blockchain Developer.
Anita Suri – Co-Founder
Has 21 years of technology experience as an Entrepreneur and two start-ups in health and analytics. She graduated from BayBath University, USA.
Dr.Kalyan Kalwa – 25 years of experience in the use of health technologies Entrepreneur with seventeen start-ups in health and analytics. He is a medical doctor and the founder of Health Innovation, Cambridge MA.
Dr.Daniel Prabakaran – 30 years of experience in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and health. An entrepreneur with seven start-ups in health and analytics. Postdoc from Harvard University, Cambridge.

Team of advisors

Abreu MD Dr.Steven – Lahey Clinic
Dr.Nicolas Jabbour MD – Baystate Medical
Dr.Micheal Reale MD – the Yale, Trinity Health
Dr.Rob Evans – to Brandeis University then
Dr.Greg Norris – the Harvard University then
Dr. Nathan Sinclair – UMMC – Baltinmore Maryland


SSOT Health is aimed at solving the main problems facing the analytical healthcare industry. Using the technology of blocking, SSOT Health will increase the security of data, which must comply with the rules of HIPAA.


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