STEALTH CRYPTO: provide secure locations for storing all data and transactions

Greetings to the whole community, I am in love with cryptographic coins and followers of good projects. In this new post I would like  to introduce the  Stealth Crypto project  . I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrencies, ICO … but StealthCrypto  blockchain is the coolest, and for more details, let’s go to the following topics:
When we look at how society has evolved, we go from tribal societies to a different social structure in the modern world where people work in a specialized way and can do so in a global environment, wherever in the world, through the advent of technology. . and internet.

What is  StealthCrypto  ?

Stealth Crypto is a platform designed to provide a secure location for quickly storing all data and crypto transactions. The word ‘safe’ represents the ability of the platform to make any transaction invisible to others (unknown to others in the blockchain). It is a decentralized and autonomous technology.

The transaction is decentralized

StealthCrypto offers cost-effective technologies, improves efficiency, provides data security and increases the reach. Online transactions are always accompanied by hidden costs or costs from third parties. Imagine that you can operate without having to pay extra costs. Imagine how much money you can save if you can make transactions transparent at no extra cost.
Through a decentralized system StealthCrypto can  remove  some obstacles in transactions. Barriers in transactions are some of the components that are in the flow of the transaction. These sections really determine the success of a transaction.
From what they do, they will benefit from the transactions we do. The amount of profit that will be charged to the user; some call it administrative costs. Imagine how much you can achieve while users generally do not receive any reward. Through a decentralized system, StealhCrypto will offer an unhindered transaction route. In addition, the platform will also appreciate all transactions that you make.

Data security

In addition to offering more efficient transactions, StealthCrypto can also be used as secure data storage. Data is a very important asset in the online world. Data theft is one of the biggest problems for internet users. Internet users need secure data storage media. Users need storage media that nobody can know about. Storage media currently controls many components. All data and activities of internet users are always checked by different parties (with their own interests).
Some people do not care about their data on the internet, they assume that data is only data and that nothing is missing. They only change their perception of the data when something happens, for example when others kidnap their social media accounts.
The lack of knowledge about the data is due to a lack of respect for online data. StealthCrypto increases the value of your user data through rewards. People tend to appreciate something when they are rewarded. Like the data, users will enjoy more of their data if others like it.
Many people start using online storage media to store important data such as company data and work files. Data such as these are of course very important because they relate to the interests of more people. However StealthCrypto believes that all data is important. That is why platforms are immediately appreciated by sending cryptographic coins.
StealthCrypto does not store them on centralized servers, but stores them on multiple stand-alone servers. All information will be stored on different servers. This is done to minimize losses due to possible data theft. StealthCrypto realizes that, as with any other security system, there is always a loophole for hackers.
StealthCrypto realizes that all man-made technology always has weak points; It is only a matter of time. StealthCrypto does not want to be a company that offers brilliant concepts about all the advantages of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, they want more.

What is a Stealth Crypto token?

The Stealth Crypto token is essential for the function of the Stealth Crypto ecosystem. StealthCrypto is a functional token that will be used on the platform to access various functions, products and rates. Moreover, as StealthCrypto’s services and products become more liquid and valuable over time, we expect them to be used to rebalance individual portfolios. In other words, the liquidity generated by StealthCrypto allows users to quickly and easily change orders between multiple currencies.


Total number of tokens: 400,000,000
200,000,000 tokens for phase 1 Token Crowdsale
Tokens Pre sales starts on January 28, 2018. The first symbolic price (ICO) will be set at a minimum of SO50, or the current market value above 0.50 S0, when ICO launches on July 5, 2018, 200,000,000 tokens are generated. reserved Crowdsale Token Phase 2 (50% of the total).
Phase 2 will take place before 2020, and all tokens will be sold at market price, not at a fixed price of $ 0.50 (important note: all percentages below will be adjusted to the actual collected value, per For example if we have 70 million 100M- tokens, the following numbers are multiplied by 0.007)


The StealthCrypto Fund is part of our business model, which ensures a stable moment with a bright future. We want the purchasing power of STEALTHCRYPTO ™ to grow over time and prevent market manipulation. A total of 400 million tokens will be issued. This is how it is divided into dollars during planning: the actual price can be changed:


Join our team and buy your TOKENS  StealthCrypto  and benefit from the benefits of the most advantageous platform on the market. Do not waste your time and be part of our Telegram  group  so you can communicate with us and answer any questions you may have. Do not miss this great opportunity that the  Stealth Crypto project offers  .
Make use of bonuses available in the early stages of pre-sales. (ICO). Visit our  WEBSITE for more information about the benefits of this large project.

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