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Greetings to friends! Today we’ll talk about the unique in the digital world of a token, which is used in a peer-to-peer trading platform called TradeConnect. I present to your attention ThinkCoin!

ThinkCoin will allow users of the platform to trade any financial assets with each other. The project differs in that it uses a model where each transaction is processed outside the network, but its result is fixed in a specially designed for this chain. Such a complex operation is carried out using smart contracts.

ThinkCoin in the future, will solve many problems that are typical for many financial markets. In particular, now you can forget about mediators forever. In some cases, during the transaction, it is extremely difficult to satisfy the needs of each interested trader. The company will provide a solution to these problems.

Similarly, the developers of ThinkCoin, want to improve the level of security of trade in financial assets. To date, many users are increasingly hearing news of hacker attacks. These rumors are causing serious damage to the global business and the financial market in particular. The ThinkCoin project will solve this problem.

Also, the problem characteristic of the current system of trading financial assets is the lack of transparency. In addition, many brokerage behaviors in the financial markets have the most negative impact on the price level.

ThinkCoin is a modern trading platform built on the architecture of blocking technology. It is thanks to her that every trader can trade with any financial assets in the world. This is a unique opportunity that will expand the opportunities for investors around the world.

New, unique software developed by the creators of the ThinkCoin project allows individuals and commercial organizations to trade with each other without intermediaries. This creates a platform where all participants trade financial assets as equals.

Likewise, transactions will take place in a couple of seconds, which will save a lot of time and nerves for many investors. Obviously, as a result, the attractiveness of financial markets will increase and this can lead to a breakthrough in world trade in financial assets.

Pros of this platform:

  1. The platform is open and transparent.
  2. The platform is fast and simple transactions that any user can perform.
  3. Elementary trading calculations, due to which it will be very convenient and easy to conduct them.
  4. And as a huge plus, the platform aspires to increase the experience of traders.

Now I would like to talk about the token itself and, accordingly, about the ICO of this project.
As I said, the internal token, it is called ThinkCoin, which is necessary for conducting transactions. In its way, this is a trade token, which is necessary for the maximum speed of transactions.

token and ICO: Name of the token: TCO
Total tokens: 500,000,000
Hard cap: $ 30,000,000
Soft cap: $ 5,000,000
Payment is accepted: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and Fiat

The sale of ThinkCoin tokens begins with a pre-ICO from March 26 to April 9, 2018, during which time you can buy tokens at a price of 0.21 to 0.25 US dollars.
Meanwhile, the main ICO is scheduled for April 9 to April 27, during which time the tokens are valued at $ 0.30.
In total, there are 500 million TCO tokens. Of the total supply, 60% (300 million) are available for up to ICO and ICO combined.

The project team:

In conclusion, I want to say that the platform has a nice interface, has an interesting idea, well-defined tasks, and a strong, well-organized, cohesive team. Which has all the necessary spectrum of knowledge and skills for successful implementation of the project, and the whole project as a whole is aimed at solving very important tasks. Thank you for your attention, until our new friends!

Telegram: https: // t .me / thinkcointoken

BTT Profile:;u=1234556

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