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Develepeo is a decentralized platform built on a blockbuster system that wants to connect programmers, engineers, entrepreneurs. People who make their projects on open source.

Technologies do not stand still, the market is developing rapidly and those people who do not have time to rebuild under the modern, active, technological world will remain unused and will lose everything. This future has already come, and it is already a matter of time when it will affect all people.

Against the background of such global changes, to meet the needs and win the attention of specialists, the platform Develepeo appears. According to the founders of the platform, any work should be highly qualified and should be adequately paid for. Therefore, they developed a platform working on a P2P system that would reduce open source projects and programmers together. And the payment will be made using the DEVX token, which will constantly grow in price due to the fact that there will be a constant influx of new people onto the platform and also due to the fact that they are issued a limited number. Tokens will be able to make mutual settlements on the platform, as well as trade on the exchange and exchange for fiat funds. But as we see what is now turning the world market, it becomes clear,

Now there is a problem that the development of projects with private code is very expensive. While open source projects can be improved and modernized due to the large number of enthusiasts who work in their spare time and for free. Develepeo wants to change this state of affairs, since I already said that any work should be paid for. The platform will host all sorts of projects, to which any specialist will be able to join, after the work done the Develepeo platform will be able to assess the quality of the code provided by the programmer and if its work really got high ratings then the programmer will receive his reward in the form of tokens. Thus, people will have the motivation to do their work qualitatively and at a high level.

In the future, the platform Develepeo wants to create a university on its platform, which will train highly qualified, certified professionals in any field of software development. In this case, any person can become an expert if he wants to.

ICO company.

Name of the token: DEVX
Total number of tokens issued: 600,000,000 million DEVX
The private pre-sale will sell 250,000,000 million DEVX tokens.
During the PRE-ICO, 130,000,000 million DEVX tokens
will be sold. During the ICO, 100,000,000 million DEVX tokens will be sold.
The bounty program, team, distributed: 120,000,000 million tokens DEVX
HARDCAP project: 2500 ETH

And on this I have all dear friends. More information about the project can be found on the links in the description. Also you can find there links to my info resources, which you can also subscribe to. Until next time.

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