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What is TopLancer?

Toplancer is a blockchain-based system based on Ethereal, which was developed with the explicit intention of getting all 1.5 trillion dollars as an independent economy. We help you find freelance jobs online, and we give you the latest blockchain technology to manage and deliver freelance projects. Our vision is to help freelancers and bosses work in a smart world. Toplancer aims to relaunch the freelance community.


How can Toplancer help freelancers with Blockchain ??

Giving an understanding of Blockchain should be progressive – if everyday consumers see the benefits of Blockchain, they will slowly accept it.

How Blockchain contributes to the growing economy?

It’s hard to say how many freelancers there are in the world today, but by some estimates there are about 50 million freelancers in the United States alone. In fact, by 2020, more than 50% of adult workers in the United States are expected to identify themselves as casual workers.

Aman said that the freelancer has quickly gained popularity but that the industry is not without problems. The blockchain-powered platforms that serve freelancers may, theoretically, be able to solve some of them.
has quickly gained popularity but the industry is not without its own problems. The blockchain-powered platforms that serve freelancers may, theoretically, be able to solve some of them.


Speaking with freelancers today and the first thing they will complain about is a decent tax to pay. And once the contract is approved and sent to the customer, it works.

Transaction fees can take a small portion of your income. A few days ago I received a payment for the services provided by PayPal. Not only does PayPal deduct $ 17 in transaction fees, but it also gives me an unusual exchange rate, which means I lose $ 13 more compared to the free market. Thirty dollars may seem like little, but when you charge dozens of customers, it can increase.

The problem is compounded if you are looking for customers via third-party platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr. The intermediary agency regularly reduces the contract from 15 to 20% agreed at its own expense. No freelancer is happy with this arrangement – after all, it’s really hard to be a source of customers in the first place.

Also take into account that PayPal does not work everywhere and that many freelancers lose projects for this reason. A truly decentralized performance economy will not fall victim to the internal policy of the big conglomerate.


The hype surrounding Blockchain extends to real estate transactions and major financial transactions, as it can get rid of costly lawyers who mediate and audit the transaction. Freelance work is also ripe for harassment – at this point, it is too easy for individuals to promote themselves through fake reviews and spam.

And the problem is that if a critical mass of people use dubious means to sell, then you will follow the move or run the risk of being left behind. An intelligent contract based on Blockchain can completely eliminate this possibility.

In this scenario, the client will be prompted to enter a revision only after the job has completed successfully. A lasting note of the journal will be published on Blockchain, with freelancers having no way to change it. It helps companies and honest workers who prefer to spend their time on more productive research.

There are already Blockchain markets that are trying to provide a popular alternative to the freelance platform. Toplancer will be the best on the list.


No matter what type of freelancer you are – writers, programmers, graphic designers, UX experts or digital marketers – creative genes are definitely part of your DNA. That’s why it’s frustrating when your work is ruthlessly copied and plastered all over the internet. You do not receive recognition for this and you are also not eligible for any passive income that may arise.

And you can not do much to pretend that the job belongs to you. Lawyers are very expensive and casual workers do not have that kind of money. Blockchain, however, is one way to avoid this problem. Records of any type of proprietary work can be safely stored there, and the system also has the power to mediate plagiarism allegations.


With the rising value of Bitcoin as well as the emergence of other cryptodes like Ethereal and Ripple, many people are now seriously considering accepting it as a payment against major currencies.

That’s why it’s also a reasonable investment decision. There are many people who insist that Bitcoin will continue to improve in the future. And that does not seem to be related to reality if you consider Bitcoin’s past.

One of the biggest impacts of Blockchain is expected to be in the financial services sector. By accepting the memory, freelancers can benefit from the original movers.

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