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Today, almost all the adult population of the civilized world is confronted with a verification procedure. Identification of the client, identification of the identity, is an obligatory part of the work of the banking system. In other words, the verification procedure is called the procedure KYC know your customer (know your customer). In this case, KYC is obliged to conduct any institution that works with the client’s funds, is engaged in their transfer, storage, investment, or other financial transactions. This applies not only to individuals, but also to legal entities. It is believed that such verification prevents money laundering, obtained through criminal means and financing of terrorism. Let us leave aside the effectiveness of such methods of struggle, we emphasize that this is a worldwide practice and is realized through international organizations, such as FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering), is an intergovernmental organization that deals with world standards in the field of countering money laundering and terrorist financing. Countries that have joined the FATF declarations should develop national legislation on the laundering and financing of terrorism, for example, in our country an anti-laundering law “On Countering the Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds from Crime and Terrorism Financing” dated 07.08.2001 No. 115-FZ Rosfinmonitoring supervises this topic.

KYC in the crypto currency market. 
Approximately since September 2017, specifically after China banned the ICO, and the SEC (US regulator), began to closely monitor the collection of funds with the help of ICO, KYC began to be held when raising funds by crypto-currency projects and for trading on the crypto-exchange markets. Today, almost 99% of the ICO is conducted through verification in one way or another. Investors download the required documents with the help of which their personality is identified without hesitation, that this procedure is usually not carried out by project teams, but is outsourced to specialized organizations.
Cynopsis Pte. Ltd, widely known in narrow circles Singapore company, which reduces the cost of doing business for financial and professional market participants. In particular, in terms of compliance with the requirements of KYC, many fiintech startups are customers of Cynopsis Pte. Ltd.

Bluzelle , Gifto, Repablic Protocol, ICON , GBX, Policy Pal , Kyber Network , Quantstamp, Zilliqa, etc.

In many ICOs we participated and did not know that our documents were being verified in Cynopsis Pte. Ltd., which, as we see, is very closely connected with the crypto-currency industry. And in this aspect, the next move by this company is quite logical: to conduct an ICO and translate the procedures and verification processes into a block. This will be ICO , token T2T.

Tokenometrics ICO
To build the platform is going to draw on the ICO 35000ETH.
Since April 26, there is a pre-session on which you can go from 150 ETN with a 15% bonus.

Public sale is scheduled for June 2018, the date will be announced later.

The price of the token is 0.0000875 ETH per T2T.
During the token, 40% of the total number of T2T will be sold, 10% will remain in the reserve, the marketing and partnership pool will be 25%.

Note that the team tokens and reserve T2T are locked for 1-2 years.

Tokens will be released in the ERC20 format and will not be planned in the future, which, incidentally, is hardly useful in this case.
T2T is needed for payments for services, and therefore the economy of the token is secured.
The market is quite specific, niche, however, in essence all ICO projects, as well as crypto-exchange exchanges, must comply with the requirements of KYC. The plus for the project is the fact that the parent company has been on the market for a long time and has a solid share on it. There are also competitors, in particular this is Civic (with a capitalization of $ 133m), Thekey ($ 87m), Selfkey ($ 21m). As we see, collecting on the ICO 35000 ETH about $ 24m, obviously claiming a place above Civic, the token has a good potential for growth. In white paper project focuses on the advantages of the project in comparison with competitors.

Having partners in the Gibraltar GBX platform will conduct ICO on their loungingpawn , to participate in the token you need to register. team and advisors Project
founders and managers are professionals in the field of business solutions and business process programming. Most of them came from Cynopsis Pte. Ltd.

Conclusions on the ICO project
The undoubted advantages of the project include a stellar team of the team, as well as well-known advisers. The project in fact has its significant market share, their product will be in demand, circulation and economy of T2T tokens as a whole are seen.
By the minus I would have attributed the niche character of the product, we will not see x100 here soon, but it is quite possible to be confident in the development of the project and the embodiment of the ideas of the project team.

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