TraDove – Find, Connect & Trade

TraDove – Find, Connect & Trade

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TraDove Just as Facebook connects friends and LinkedIn connects professionals, the TraDove platform currently connects business partners with its business social network. The next generation platform will use blockchain-based and AI-based social networking technology to shorten buyer and seller discovery cycles, increase B2B transparency, expand user confidence, and enable enterprise-to-enterprise precision advertising. In addition, BBCoin will provide better payment instruments for international trade.

Advantages of TraDove

Unlike consumer social networks like Facebook or professional networks like LinkedIn, TraDove Business Social Network is substantially more focused on traffic quality than the amount of traffic. They do not see and also they need hundreds of millions of users. TraDove only takes tens of millions of users. The value of business users is much higher than for professional users, which in turn is higher than consumer users. Facebook pays $ 42 per consumer user for WhatsApp. Microsoft pays $ 60 per mutually rewarding user to LinkedIn. What is the value of TraDove business users? The answer is a LOT! TraDove’s emphasis on traffic quality and not just quantity makes Traindove operating costs low and increases the value of business users and Traindove profit margins.

How it works with Blockchain Technologies

The technology used on the TraDove Business Social Networking Platform TraDove’s core business utilizes Big Data and Machine Learning (ML) technology widely. Large Data and Learning Machines streamline buyer-seller interactions. The results are then fed back by using a series of business logic programs to help buyers, sellers and other users in near real time on both mobile sites and websites. Security is on TraDove’s mind every moment of every day! The global data center TraDove deploys secure interface between two main offices, one in the United States and one in China. The TraDove web interface is firewalled and secured with Virtual Private Networks worldwide. Security is built into the core design and implementation of the TraDove backend infrastructure

  • Social Networking Technology: TraDove uses open and proprietary social networking technologies along with mechanisms for connections, networks and collaborations between businesses, products / services and companies.
  • Large Data and Business Mapping: Since the launch of Traindove five years ago, TraDove has accumulated a large inventory of B2B data covering people, products / services and companies.
  • Artificial Intelligence: TraDove supports the user’s active growth and TraDove database with various AI technologies such as NLP, LR, RNN, FM and DNN to facilitate buyer-seller interactions, including but not limited to, matching potential business partners. , product / service recommendation and company and otherwise require warning service.
  • B2B Marketing Cloud: TraDove has an extensive storage network worldwide and along with other content delivery technologies, can quickly upload, store and deliver B2B marketing guarantees like white paper, product images, product videos and other web content to global users by distance geographical. for users

To address fundamental B2B confidence issues, particularly in international trade, TraDove will use BBCoins and blockchain technologies – smart contracts and smart wallets, for example. TraDove will ensure that, after successfully delivering the product or service, the company is paid.

Allocation Fund

  • marketing, user acquisition, etc.: 4 0%
  • product development, team recruitment, network infrastructure: 3 0%
  • compliance, taxes and other uses: 34%
  • tokens that offer related costs including legal marketing, marketing and bidding teams, etc.: 6%

Token Details

  • NAME: TraDove BBCoin
  • SYMBOL: BBCoin
  • COIN PRICE: 1 BBCoin: $ 0.16
  • MAXIMUM TARGET SALES: $ 52,000,000
  • TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 BBCoin

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