UGCHAIN ​​- Designing Game Ecosystem Solutions With Application Scenarios

UGCHAIN ​​- Designing Game Ecosystem Solutions With Application Scenarios

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Hallo all, in this new dipostingan I will introduce about the project UgChain. and for more details let’s just go to the following Discussion:

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These nuclei are based on blockchain technology. The DAS aka Decentralized Account System featuring user autonomy built on Ethics, provides a user experience that is not troublesome in authorizing information across service providers – by simply asking the user to sign his or her personal key, rather than the traditional experience of signing up and logging with a password in under each of the centralized service providers.

ugChain first entered the gaming industry and teamed up with 360, Hoolai and other well-known game operators to design game ecosystem solutions with application scenarios including game distribution channels, game account trading, game payments, virtual commodity purchases, E-games, league holds, crowdfunding, community and other areas.

Decentralized account system – DAS

Users do not need to login and login. They only need to provide a signature signed by a private key.

Decentralized Game Channels

Game assets are registered in bockchain, so transactions can be made with smart contracts quickly and safely.

Prepaid Games and Purchase Prop

Processes involving payment of tokens and transfer of game assets will be made through a payment agent account to provide the user’s private key.

Payment Authorized

Payment agent accounts help users to post transactions and can save users from paying for mining costs.

UGT with Dual Attribute

UGT is a GAS of the system and can also be seen as a sound weight in community autonomy.

Game distribution

Each participant holding UG accounts can use the services provided by the platform to create independent channels and build their own promotional and profit sharing systems.


One hundred million (100,000,000) CGUs were created as CGU’s total supply.
UGToken supplies are allocated as follows:

  • 45% of CGUs (45,000,000) distributed by
  • 30% of the audience is
  • 30% of CGU funds (30,000,000) will be allocated to community initiatives related to business development, as well as research and academic education.
  • 10% of CGU (10 000,000) is distributed to market promotion and expansion.
  • 10% of CGUs (10,000 000) are distributed among the founders, and the development team.
  • 5% of CGUs (10,000 000) are distributed among funding donors and consultants.

Always on the go!

We are actively working to redefine the value of blockchain and build a new blockchain application system in the gaming industry.

ugChain’s advantage

In 2016, ugChain received joint investments from Capital Legend, Sequoia Capital, Zero2IPO Venture and Cyberagent; So far, ugChain has gained more than 500 big and medium game operators in China (lineup is still growing). Currently, ugChain works together with these operators through traditional channels and will directly migrate to ugChain channel after product launch.

ECG, an electronic game bearer, has joined the ugChain family first; Help 360 mobile games and other traditional channels first installed in the blockchain wallet ugChain, while other colleagues will follow; ugChain maintains good relationships with upstream and downstream gaming companies under Tencent and Alibaba.

Download Whitepaper to read more.

To find more detailed information and join the current UgChain project please follow some of the Following links:


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