Vinnd builds the world’s first decentralized digital health

Vinnd builds the world’s first decentralized digital health care platform

If you have a problem with your weight? Try to read this brief review that might be the solution to the problem you are having. It would be nice if you join VINDD and take advantage of your problem.

Vinnd builds the world’s first decentralized digital health care platform to conduct an express blood test to assess your health through machine learning opportunities and cancer prevention technologies. According to Deloitte’s Global Health Care Outlook 2017, effective delivery of health care and innovation is one of the most important issues. Vinnd has revolutionized one of the hottest segments of the healthcare market: weight loss and market weight management.


Vinnd aims to offer investors an attraction for investment. Investors can therefore invest in Vinnd’s growth. This is why Vinnd presents a symbolic profitability scheme where the ROI comes from two channels: 1. Bonus profit 2. Growth of the symbolic market value 25% of the profits of the company leads to a distribution of bonuses. The distribution must be paid once a month. 25% of the profit is used to buy tokens on the market in order to increase their market value.


  1. Progressive market expansion
  2. Achieve 1% of the market served by 2022

Market expansion

  1. United States and Canada – 69% of people try to lose weight
  2. Middle East – the highest level of obesity in the world
  3. United Kingdom – Europe’s largest weight loss market
  4. China – The largest share of weight loss market in Asia
  5. Mexico and Brazil – the highest rate of obesity in Central and Latin America



was developed to perform home tests. The kit eliminates the need to visit a doctor’s office and allows patients to get results immediately. This prototype is in development now. The development takes place under the supervision of independent American biomedical engineers, who are
Vinnd’s Advisory Board members .

The Vinnd team conducted a concept test with a focus group of 25 people using their blood test results to assess what types of foods can contribute to changes in their weight and health. In three months, 67% of survey participants started losing weight without feeling stressed. The team created individualized feeding plans for each participant. The diet does not include portion size and time, but the recipe. The recipes are made by combining the recommended foods and are shaped similar to what the participants usually eat.

The emphasis on metabolism is one of the few powerful tools that the brain uses to maintain the body in a certain weight range. It’s a set point. The range is the result of genes and life experiences. When dieters try to lose weight by using a hard diet and aggressive intense exercise, stress them. Stress makes them eat more and get more.

A drop of blood can reveal what type of dietary food should be consumed to stimulate the metabolism, so the brain set point will change and you can lose weight without stress and without fear of gaining weight in a short time. Vinnd is developing an express blood test device and smart database for home testing and evaluation in web / mobile applications.


December 11 – January 17
Quantity of token: 28,888,888 VIN (5%) with a special rate for pre-ICO 9629 ETH (~ $ 4M)
Price: 1 VIN = 0.00033 ETH Yeild – 100% at ICO – price 1 ETH = 3000 WINE
Security: Multi Signature Wallet tokens are only available to investors.


Date: 18 January – 18 February Quantity of chips: 534 444 444 WINE (95%) 356 296 ETH (~ 150 yuan $)
Price: 1 WINE = 0.00066 ETH 1 ETH = 1500 WINE
Security: ICO multi-signature wallet held in The VIN Multi-Signature Token Founder escrow portfolio can not be transferred after the completion of ICO ineligible for 5 months with smart contract.

Token allocation

50% product development
25% Marketing (product launches, legal fees)
20% Team 5% Advisory Board

Distribution of tokens
60.125% ICO3.
25% Pre-ICO
35% Founder
Bounty Program 1.625%

The good news is that consumers around the world are trying to take responsibility for their health. Nearly half (49%) of Nielsen Health & Health survey respondents consider themselves overweight, and the same percentage (50%) are actively trying to lose weight. And they do it by making healthier food choices – with the help of food companies and beverages.

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