WealthMigrate Platfrom With Good Decentralization Level In Real Estate

In the current digital development era, the increase in innovation and innovation in Technology is always experiencing various improvements that provide various benefits as well as various facilities in various sectors and in various fields that give impetus to the progress of significant progress, so that technology has a role active activities that make the quality and also the quality level in various fields become increasingly increasing, meaning that it will provide good growth for an increasingly increasing future, or in an increase in the development of faster development and quality quality is also increasing, a large industry will increase the productivity level of productivity increasingly greater,then in a business or business improve on the quality of the business to increase both in developing and at the level of profity to increase more, and more and more have an increasingly greater level of interaction and also the level of reach more and greater and able to compete with product products globally and worldwide, here we will introduce a new breakthrough in the development of technology in an opportunity in an investment with the best quality level with real estate deals to develop on real estate to further increase with various offers as well as facilities available facilities that have been has the best level of trust with the provision of quality real estate,namely by introducing WealthMigrate where a development in the investment step in a real estate development quality and also has a level of security and also a good level of integration.
WealthMigrate, is the best step in an investment in quality real estate that has been implemented and has also been implemented in a special platform for a method as an investment in finding quality real estate, as well as with a good level of security and well maintained privacy, will increasingly provide more level of interest to investors to more and more join and also invest in Real Estate that has been in the show or prepared by WealthMigrate with a high level of quality, with the WealthMigrate participants will also get various opportunities and also get various profits that have participated in WealthMigrate.
WealthMigrate Mission: 
Build a Real Estate that has the best quality and also able to reach globally and worldwide and with a high level of security and always keep the client’s privacy well, and provide the best facilities facilities in WealthMigrate Platform.
With a quality level on a well-controlled system of well-structured system flow paths and also a step in the performance of WealthMigrate this will increasingly give a high influence in the impetus for the development of real estate to grow and to continue to increase, as well as various the preparation of a mature preparation of entry into a global market and an exchange with a high level of selling value, will further bring the quality will continue to increase over time in the future or in a better future.
With a high level of demand, the need for real estate so that the arrangements in the real estate supply continue to increase and also always need to be upgraded constantly always maintain the stability in the system for the level of security is also always ahead and also maintain the level of privacy of the client as well as the level of trust. Then the competition in the entry into a large market with a high level of sales value will increase the quality of real estate WealthMigrate increasingly increased.
Know What WealthE Coin:   It is a utility token for connecting in the performance of the WealthMigrate platform to have great acceleration and performance levels that have great strength, as well as interacting tools within the WealthMigrate platform to maintain stability within the network for getting better and more increased.
Profit With WealthMigrate: 
1. The best opportunity in business or business is increasingly increasing, so it will increase the tingka of increasing profits
2. The level of education in the WealthMigrate plafrom provides a new experience in understanding the best real estate
3. Increasing the relationship and also the interaction is much greater
4. Low cost level with best quality
5. service and costumer responsible
6. Network level and well controlled security
7. Good acceleration speed and also good confirmation
Activity Details Crowdsale WealthMigrate: 
Presale activities are held on December 15, 2017
Presale activities ends on April 04, 2018
Token sale activity was held on April 04, 2018
Token sale activity expires on April 30, 2018
With Hardcap is USD 30 Milion
With Total Supply is 600,000,000 WRE
The Per Token price is $ 0.12
The token distribution details are:
1. For Activities Crowdsale is 50%
2. For Reserved Activities is 20%
3. For Team Activities adalajh 20%
4. For Network development is 8%
5. For Bounty Activities is 2%
All Team Detail WealthMigrate:
1. Scott Picken, Founder CEO
2. Hennie Bezuidenhoudt, CO-Founder
3. Martin Freeman, Board Member
4. Joy Schoffler, Board Advisor
5. Paul Niederer, Head Of Global Marketplace
6. Dr.Dolf de Roos, President
7. Cliff Kayat, Wealth Migrate South Africa CEO
8. Ken Hu, Wealth Migrate China CEO
9. Lee Rush, Wealth Migrate UAE CEO
10. Ken Wiliams, Wealth Migrate UK CEO
1. Brad Yasar, KrowdMentor
2. Michael Terpin, TransformPR
3. Richard Titus, ARK Partners
4. David Orban, Managing Partner, Network Society Ventures
More information about Wealth Migrate: 
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