Weider 200 Power Tower

Weider 200 Power Tower

Does the Weider 200 power tower live up to its reputation? Well, that depends on who you ask. Standing at seven feet tall this machine is anything but compact and doesn’t fold to slide under your bed. Assembly takes about an hour if you’re handy with one phillips screwdriver and a few wrenches and if you can read simple and direct instructions. Remember when putting this giant together make sure you assemble it in the room that will house it because moving it from one room to another will be a challenge to say the least.

Weider 200 Power Tower

Weider 200 Power Tower

With four stations, push-up, pull-up, knee raise and dips, the Weider 200 power tower allows for maximum muscle crunching routines. Using your own weight the Weider 200 power tower is great for an overall fat burning and muscle building experience. Working the abs, chest, shoulders, back and arms this simple yet sophisticated piece of equipment will bring you to a level of satisfaction in no time.

Rated at 300 lbs maximum, compared to other brands that are rated at 250 lb max., the Weider 200 power tower has an efficient design and stability. Positioned properly in your room the Weider 200 power tower will easily allow for leg raising exercises and full body extension on the push-up routines. Plus the black and silver finish make it one of the most attractive pieces of equipment out on the market today. Because of its professional design the Weider 200 power tower gives minimal sway and shaking during workouts and the thick padding provides the comfort to keep you coming back for more.

The Weider 200 power tower is fun and beneficial to friends and family alike. Because of the positioning of the stations multiple members can work out simultaneously without having to wait for a station to free up. Although there are mixed reviews, some saying the machine should be taller while others wish it were shorter, the Weider 200 power tower is designed to fit in standard built homes. Some have suggested adding height altering pins for those people shorter in stature.

An ideal addition to any home workout equipment the caveat of the Weider 200 power tower is that some upper body strength is needed in executing these exercises. While the pull-ups go without saying the leg raises require a smidgen of abdominal strength and the push-ups as with the pull-ups and dips will demand chest and arm capabilities. If you already have the power and simply want to tone up or get sculpted muscles then the Weider 200 power tower is right for you. Also, by adding ankle weights you can take that workout to the next fat burning, muscle exploding level.

Taking the time to search local stores or online you can purchase the Weider 200 power tower for approximately $150 not including shipping and handling charges. At these prices you can give the gift of a healthier body and lifestyle. Help friends and family tone up and get that body they’ve always wanted. The Weider 200 power tower can remove those love handles that nobody loves and create a stronger more powerful you.

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