Weider Fitness Equipment

Weider Fitness Equipment

Weider Fitness Equipment

Weider Fitness Equipment

Everyday people around the world are being accused of being obese. With all of the fast food chains, smoking, and lack of time, there is no wonder. The economy has taken a toll on people being able to afford to go to the gym, so why not start a regimen at home. Weider fitness equipment is excellent for getting in shape and improving agility.

The kettlebells were designed to work more muscles at one time than free weights. The bell is extended from a handle that looks like a kettle. It allows for perfect swing ability. Kettlebells get more blood pumping through your muscles to give maximum workout in less time. Weider fitness equipment has a very similar bell. Their version of the kettlebell is called the Powerbell. The Powerbell is an interchangeable new school variation of the kettlebell. The adjustable weight technology can yield as much as 40 pounds. The Powerbell also comes with a DVD to help show proper exercise form and how to use your Powerbell handle so that you can customize your workout to fit your workout routines.

The Weider Powermax is a group of Weider fitness equipment designed to give you a more rugged workout. The kit includes a multitraining door attachment that takes seconds to place above your door. There are also rotating push up bars to help sculpt the arms and shoulders in a much leaner tone. Also included are dual ab and core straps that work with the multitraining door attachment. This piece of equipment develops a powerful ab and midsection.

Weider fitness equipment also offers a variety of home gyms. The Max Strength System focuses is a high intense pulley system workout. Use the ankle and hand straps to configure over 40 different exercises. The compound resistance is guaranteed to tighten and tone areas of the arms, legs, and back.

To take things to the next level try the Weider C720 System a higher notch in Weider fitness equipment. The handy exercise chart helps with transition from one position to the next. The adjustable bench allows for greater resistance or for interchanging workout positions. It comes complete with pull up station, rolled preacher pad, six roll leg developer, squat rack, and chest fly station. The C720 provides up to 250 lbs of Olympic cast iron weights. This is an awesome machine for some very beneficial crunches. Your workout routine will never turn to boredom.

Next is the Club Bench. This 300 lb resistance machine offers a convenient corner fit, so that it’s out of the way. The folding military press and unique free-floating arms lend to an even greater muscle building experience. Transition from one station to the next with ease. The dual workout stations make it a lot easier.

Get a great cardio and strength workout with the Total Body Works 5000. This machine lets you use your own body weight as resistance. If you think it’s easy, then you are sadly mistaken. The adjustable inversion let’s you create an intense workout with over 100 ways to shape your body into a fitness guru.

Another one of Weider’s fitness equipment is the Club Inversion System. The comfy foam ankle lock keeps you locked in place while you find your perfect center of gravity. Inversion machines offer the best in back stretching and flex technology. Consider using a Powerbell while inverted to give gravity a push in releasing pressure on the spine.

Whatever your needs, whatever your workout capabilities, Weider fitness equipment has something for everyone. Their state of the art equipment is guaranteed to give you the body you want.

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