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We live in the future! It may not be easy to understand this, but we even surpass the year they went through in the movie “Back to the future”, so for me it is the current officials. In the last few decades, humans have made great progress through science and technology in all areas of life. Many new opportunities are available to all of us, and therefore, the way we live our lives change. We now have access to knowledge of all human history in our hands; Rapid communication, available and almost free, the opportunity to learn new things is here thanks to the internet, the technology around us saves our time and allows more free time for us to spend what we love. But to enjoy all these benefits, there is also a price to pay whoever wants to be part of this new civilization. Everything becomes public, we share a big part of our lives with strangers, and almost everyone can know where we are, what we do and what we love. It is difficult if not impossible to avoid paying this price.
Thanks to blockchain technology, a new era of advancement is here, we can call it a decentralized revolution. Many rebellion projects create new realities where we do not have to rely on a central authority that controls and has insight into our lives. One of the most important projects and leaders of decentralized revolution is taking our location data from the hands of the central government and making us independent. The name of this project is XY Oracle Network (XYO).
What is XYO: 
XYO is block-based without trust, proof of zero knowledge, network of cryptographic locations that eliminates the need for centralized location data collection. The XYO Network will enable the location of each object or individual through multiple classes and device protocols. To make this XYO team possible use “Proof of Origin” and “Bound Witness” to combine a decentralized blockchain world with our real-world data into a new game network that changed.
It may sound like something of the future, but as I said at the opening of this article, we will live the future, and the XYO project is readily available and ready for business. They have an existing operational infrastructure of 1,000,000 tracking beacons representing one of the largest Bluetooth and GPS networks in the world, and for the XYO project this is just the beginning!
Even at the first reading, it is not easy to understand all the technical details for someone without a tech background. I find XYO WHITEPAPER challenging and interesting. To simplify everything we can say, even that would not be 100% accurate, the XYO team created an upgraded decentralized GPS system that was safer to use and less vulnerable to unwanted intrusions from third parties. Creating something this big and its importance is a great achievement, and the possibility of business applications for XYO projects is overwhelming. To get more information about possible use cases, XYO gave us detailed explanations and documentation for all the main ones: eCommerce, Healthcare and Hospital Care, Car Rental Agent, Commercial Luggage Airline Logistics, Insurance Agent, National Security Agent, Drone Package Delivery System and more. of them coming soon
I have written about more than 150 ICOs in the last six months and spent hundreds of hours reading and thinking about it. I must say that I am impressed with everything about the XYO project, from their website, promotional videos, ideas, well-established businesses, a ton of documents and newspapers with use cases and business plans for the future and of course the people at behind this project.This is how you prepare a project for ICO and present it to the public and potential investors, and all future ICOs can learn from XYO. My great honor and you take me to the ship as an investor, that’s for sure. For others who plan to participate in this ICO, I encourage you to join WHITELIST FOR TOKEN SALE and do your due diligence on XYO before it starts. I’ll write more about this project in the future, so stay tuned for teams, tokenomics, roadmaps, business plans and more.
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