YourBlock Advanced Data Storage in the Digital Age

YourBlock Advanced Data Storage in the Digital Age

Blockchain brings us almost everything now. We are both grateful for the same. The most important thing we get is Internet Value. Internet world value is definitely one of the most prominent and emerging platforms that aims to lift a new world that will facilitate data transactions for consumers as well as businesses. This goal is achieved by YourBlock because it looks ahead in front of the conversation is about the digital revolution.


Is not the whole thinking stunning? Here is the plan.
YourBlock, at first, looks at blockchain. Blockchain is really ready for what to do. It runs to create a cabinet for charging digital data.
This brings us to our second question and they are what and where and why?
The cabinet will be completely blockchain based and will give users the opportunity to store data, controls, and especially manage their data. YourBlock hopes to combine many important factors that are security, scalability, privacy, and integrity.
In addition, additional facilities are an advantage for customers to proceed safely with their interactions with other third parties. Customers can easily take the source, take care of documents, make communication, and record it as well.


Sometimes, it happens so that private individuals pass data to many organizations. Data comes as a result of requests for information, purchasing services, home services and so on.
Currently, the organization has an opt-in facility that gives them the option to receive these marketing services from third parties and other companies.
It is really the individual’s decision to choose or opt out of the service. If they do not opt ​​in, they will receive data from them in some form (email, SMS, phone, etc.) from various business organizations looking to make their sales.

Solution from YourBlock

YourBlock aims to provide an effective, safe, and secure service to the community. This will include a platform where they can fill in all their personal data without having to worry about anything else.
In this way, the data remains secure and never leaves Blockchain. In addition, this will ensure that transactions are done inside the user’s digital cabinet. This will put aside any third party involvement in the process. If a third party needs access to consumer data, they must request access permission from the customer data cabinet.


Privacy: Existing users or even new users do not have to worry about data loss or inefficiency. Privacy is one of the sectors guaranteed by blockchain.
Token: Token YKB is basically used to install discounts and services. Also, there is the same award.
Business Friendly: Services from YourBlock offer a secure platform for engaging in pricing and other business-related engagement in the project.
Smart Contracts: Blockchain handles smart contracts that occur between consumers and various service providers.


* Customers can use smart contracts for any type of issues such as making modifications, claims, cancellations, and so on.
* It is likely that the data is always safe.
* Transparency is guaranteed for services and policies.
* Users can easily claim more transactions. However, this depends on the number of people visiting the platform. Transactions can be easily obtained by using different products and services.
* Savings for financial services.

Benefits from the service provider

* There are many improvements observed in the quality of customer data.
* There is little chance of cheating because smart contracts make sure to remove everything that approaches fraud.
* Better cost savings and better service for better customer service definitely spread the magic.

Interesting concept of YourBlock

As mentioned earlier, yourBlock platform uses YKB Tokens. There is another side to the story as well. Token YKB will be given to consumers in return in two stages. The platform to be used is – Dave and You Platform.
As soon as the customer installs the data, they are rewarded with YKB Tokens.
Here is an illustration to explain the same thing.
Customers take the form and fill out all the essential details needed to receive health insurance. They should also make sure to fill in details related to KYC. They will be rewarded YKB Tokens.
If customers purchase services that use the Dave and You platform, they will be given YBK Tokens.
Customers buy insurance using the Dave and You platform. Dealers pay Dave and You a commission they must handle to lead. Next, Dave and you give YBK tokens as a commission to the consumer.
In addition, to take advantage of more discounts, consumers can spend YBK Tokens only on the Dave and You platform.
Consumers further spend YBK Tokens to get a discount on their health insurance.

Sales Token

Total token inventory in token sales is recorded at 200 Million YBK Tokens. However, 30% of tokens are sold to the public that are part of the token sale program.
The value will hold YBK token at 0.50 Euro. The token sales cap is 30 Million Euro while the soft cover for the same is set at 5 million Euro.
Pre-sale is now in progress and will be completed by January 15, 2018. The main sales will start from the same day of January 15, 2018 and will continue until February 26, 2018.

The final verdict

There are many reasons to choose from whether you want to invest in YourBlock. The benefits are the same for both consumers and service providers. The list is quite long and some of them are already mentioned above. Well, this brings out to you all the possibilities to look forward with YourBlock as you will always want your money to be counted and this is exactly what it is.
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