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YouToken is a unique platform that allows people to turn human intelligence into a financial asset (token). YouToken helps employers apply ICO power and raise funds for their ideas / projects.

Human intelligence has value like other financial assets (currency, stocks, bonds, etc.). On the YouToken platform, an investor can contribute money to the entrepreneur’s creative idea in a way similar to the way he can invest in stocks in the stock market.

We take the creative ideas and commitments of others and turn them into tokens. Our mission is to create entrepreneurship to be accessible to everyone, anywhere and trusted once again to investors. The YouToken team has a strong background in FinTech, Digital Media, and Crypto / Blockchain. As part of the team, we have built online trading companies FXclub and Libertex, created an online media resource in Investory, and designed more than a hundred smart contracts for respectable blockchain and ICO projects such as ICO and TargeAd markets.

We adhere to the principles of growth, integrity and sustainable governance, therefore we sell a small token to get a strong impetus for developing products and developing the capitalization of YTN tokens (this does not happen if most evidence is sold and full money is received in advance without the product in place).

  1. The total value of the YouToken platform is expressed in the YTN token. Token YTN is an asset that can be bought / sold / traded on an external crypto exchange. The YTN token price depends on the number of entrepreneurs listed on YouToken and the quality of their projects.
  2. In addition to the token of the entire platform (YTN token), an investor may obtain a business creator token (YTN_creatorname). YTN_creatorname is a financial asset YouToken Whitepaper 7 represents the value of a particular entrepreneur (eg Elon Jobs – YTN_elonjobs). YTN_creatorname token is a tradable asset on the internal exchange. The price of YTN_creatorname depends on the success / failure of the entrepreneur project listed in the YouToken Marketplace.
Currently YouToken is in negotiations with several leading exchanges to include YTN after the token sale expires.
YTN plans to be listed on multiple exchanges in September 2018. To get YTN tokens before price increases, make sure you subscribe to token sales notices via the website and Slack and Telegram channels.
  • Market Facts and Value Propositions Crypto and Blockchain Markets At all levels, the market is booming. The global blockchain market is estimated to be worth more than $ 20 billion by 2024:
  • Significant kriptocurrency user growth: By the end of 2015, the number of Blockchain wallets is 5.4 million. By the end of 2017, that number nearly quadrupled its size to 21.5 million wallets. (,
  • ICO Boom as a fundraising tool: The number of ICOs in 2016, the total increased by $ 96,389,917; in 2017-279 the project collects $ 4,801,224,551 (
  • The rapid growth of business and developer blockers: 26,885 projects are in GitHub by 2016, to date there are over 87,000 (

The YouToken Platform Terms are designed to connect two types of users:



  1. Crowdsale – raising funds for the project.
  2. Production – funds raised and entrepreneurs begin to develop their projects.
  3. Existence – developed projects and business processes launched. Vault is a storage program that stores funds for the “Production” stage of a project.


The first thing to do is sign up for the youtoken platform using social registration or by email and passward.
Once the email is received, youtoken will verify and access the token.
Next is how you want to start:
As an entrepreneur, now as you have to fund your idea of ​​getting support from society 1% Or As an investor, invest in talented entrepreneurs in the early stages of their success from $ 10.

Now, followed by setting up your profile that requires you to provide all this information as an entrepreneur: 1. Full Name, 2. Gender, 3. Date of Birth, 4. Creator Name (will be used to name YTN_creatorname tokens). Creator name can not be edited once is giving, 5. Country / city, 6. Profile Photos, 7. You describe yourself, 8. List your profile details on social networking.

After that all you need to do is to include your experience or project in youtoken market shops.

Up here explanation from me and for more information Please visit YOUTOKEN’s Web site and Social media below:


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